Fit Gifts + Giveaway

1. Backpack: This is a great gift if you're not exactly sure what size the gifttee is. I bought a lululemon back pack almost three years ago and it's still going super strong. One of my all time favourite purchases from them, and believe me I've made a few!

2. Keep Calm and Yoga OM gift pack: This scent is called "yoga" and it is absolutely delicious. This is a perfect gift pack for the yogi in your life!! It comes with a mist spray, diffuser essential oils blend, bath salts and a diffuser. This is a Canadian brand from Vancouver - they just opened a few Toronto stores and they smell amazing. All natural, organic, essential oils and products to help make the most of them!

* If you comment on today's blog (and you're from Canada) your name will be entered in a draw to WIN this gift pack!!

3. Yogi toes: I'm sure most of us already have a yoga mat so these towels make the perfect present. They have tiny little grips on one side to stick to a mat during a yoga class. Ideal if it's hot but also great even if it's not!

4. Bod Squad: We just got fancy - there are GIFT CARDS you can buy to put towards your next Bod Squad session!! If you can't get to my class then even some other regular old class is a great gift. I usually love giving and getting experience gifts way more than material ones!

5. FitBit: I'm actually obsessed with mine. It is SO much fun!! I love that I can add my friends and see how far they go in a day. The competitor in me also LOVES to win. I'll be blogging again soon on just how much I love this toy.

6. Cute tanks: Etsy is a great source for quick + charming little gifts. Cotton tanks are great to wear to and from the gym. They are cheap and cheerful.

7. ALEX bottle: could just be the coolest new water bottle. Check out their awesome kickstarter campaign. This water bottle/smoothie holder/cocktail shaker/food container is pure genius. The easy clean and pack features just make so much sense I can't believe nobody has thought of this! LOVE how you can hide a beer bottle in it haha!! You can't get your bottle just yet but it will be fun to receive in a few months pre-order it here!