Taking Care of Workout Clothing

I am very lucky to live in a world of workout clothing!

Along the way I've learned some tips and thoughts about how to lengthen the life of my workout clothing that I'm going to share with you here.

1. You cannot workout in the same outfit twice without washing it. It's just gross, you will stink and your chances of getting a staph infection, or really any infection are SO much higher when you're covered in yesterday's sweat. Your clothing will also be WAY harder to wash and get the sweat out if you leave it longer. 

1. a. That's even if it's in the same day. I often workout twice a day. I know, I know but it's my job! I need to always be ready. I have at least three outfits ready – a client outfit, a class outfit and a workout outfit. Be prepared!

2. Wash your workout clothing together keep the jeans and towels for another load. If you have enough try to wash your spandex alone. It will keep your stuff looking fresh and not pilling. Also if your tops have cups like these ones pictured. 

Take them out before you wash your top and then put them back in after. It will save them from shrinking and getting lumpy. Your shirts will look way better longer.

3. Every year change up your standard crop, tights, shorts and get rid of anything more than two years old. It is hard to do but honestly it probably still looks ok but if you've been doing any high intensity stuff - it definitely STINKS. 

4. Learn about what the clothing is actually for. Most workout clothing is made for running or yoga and it can make a big difference in your workout having the right gear. There is nothing more bothersome then wearing run tights to a Pilates class and having the zipper dig into your back the entire time. If you can in the store try doing a few of the moves you often do and test it out.

5. It's motivational to get an outfit you feel awesome in. If you're doing it everyday you might as well feel great about yourself doing it! Let's face it, you're looking into a mirror for 60 minutes, it's nice to smile at what you see.