Say Yes to the Dress 101

This past weekend I went wedding dress shopping for the first time!

:: Dresses I am inspired by, but didn't try any of these on don't worry!! ::

The experience was exciting but a lot more intimidating than I had originally thought it would be. Having just my family there (mom, dad and sister Lindsay) was amazing, they were all totally supportive and had great suggestions. It is a bit strange, never again in your life will you have three people sit down and care so strongly about how you look.

Things I wish I had known beforehand:

The dresses are all one size. 

Usually that's a bridal size 10 which they said was about 2 sizes bigger than normal so most dresses are a size 6. Luckily I'm typically a 4 or 6 and they had to clip me into a few which was fine and at the same time others were a tad small and couldn't be done up all the way. There was one poor slightly bigger girl who was trying on dresses at one store beside me and had a really tough time with this, if you're not a size 6 just know that it might be difficult to try on dresses and get a total sense of what it will look like, don't get discouraged, it's not you it's the dress!! The main point here is the sample dresses aren't perfect so I wish I had slightly lower expectations of them. It is not like normal dress shopping where you will know right away if it's going to look amazing, this dress needs to be worked! Usually they are a little dirty and they have zippers in the back instead of 40+ buttons or a corset tie up to make them easy access. Don't walk out expecting to have that perfect fit right away because the dress isn't your size and it's been tried on so many times that it's probably a little worn in places. Your dress will be 10x better than the sample.

Wear a nude strapless bra and light coloured underwear that you don't mind everyone seeing. 

My mom texted me this the night before and it was a VERY helpful reminder haha! Thanks mom! Every place will be different but one store the sales person was actually in the change room with me the entire time. I liked having her there because it made the process more efficient but if I wasn't wearing a strapless bra then you would have to be naked and it's almost november … little chilly for that! And you're opening and closing the dressing room so much you're sometimes just exposed to everyone. Fun!

Look online but keep your eyes open in the store, you never know until you have it on.

I probably tried on 20 dresses this weekend. Some you will know within 20 seconds that they are a no but at least you will know. Dresses on 5'10 models who have waists the size of a typical thigh will look VERY different on your body. Being only 5'4 there were a few dresses that I thought I would love that absolutely swallowed me or made me look, "like I was 6 months pregnant" – thanks for the honesty Linds!

Take photos.

This will help you organize your thoughts on dresses and keep you focused. A picture says 1000 words and you want a dress that doesn't take a bad photo. On your day you will likely be photographed a lot and you want to make sure that it is as perfect in person as it will be on camera. We also took videos of me pretend walking down the aisle, that was also helpful to see how the dress moves.

After this weekend I'm not sure I've found "the one" yet but I'm happy to keep searching. We are going to New York in two weeks and I am very excited to stop by Kleinfelds and maybe actually "say yes to the dress!"