Organic Skin Care

I have had a ton of skin trouble in my lifetime.

And frankly I can't blame my skin for getting mad at me. I put it through a lot. I'm constantly getting sweaty throughout the day, moving from one workout to another and it can be tough to keep my skin clean and spot free.

My gorgeous model friend and running buddy Aniela took me to Carrot Common after a run last week and she took me through her whole skincare regimen. We actually had people come up to us who overhead Aniela in all her skin-wisdom and they started asking her questions about their products! I think Aniela would make an amazing organic skin care sales person if modelling doesn't work out haha! 

1. Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil

This smells amazing and is really great for my dry body skin. I love this so far.

2. Green Beaver Grapefruit Skin Cleanser

This feels really light and also works to take all my make-up off at night. This is one of the cheapest cleansers I've ever had and so far it's my favourite.

3. Heritage Store Rose Water Glycerin

LOVE love love this. It's really refreshing to spray this on your face at morning and night. The glycerin acts as a light moisturizer and it feels amazing and cooling on my skin.

I'm really loving this organic skin care. It's cheaper than anything you will find at Holts or Sephora and it's local, organic and great for your skin. Next stop will be transferring my make-up over to organic products.

Our skin is our bodies largest organ and we feed it with creams and cleansers so they should be healthy enough to eat, at least that's what Aniela tells me so I'm going with it. And believe me, if you saw her skin you would too!