Leaaatha List

Fall is the perfect season for leather. I can't help but find myself browsing the internet for a little leatha! In my perfect dream world this list is what I would buy. Unfortunately I do have a budget and can't pay for these items with burpees … that would be amazing!

If I could only get one thing on this list in my reality it would be the jacket, I have a friend who was wearing this last week and it looked amazing on her. In my fairy tale world I would absolutely get the shoes, I'm pretty sure I could teach Pilates in these! I'd make it work.

Leather Jacket by All Saints: Love this classic look. I've been looking for a leather jacket for the past three years now and this one just might be it. I still need to go try it on but I love it online!

Studded Pumps by Valentino: Listen, a girl can dream. These shoes are amazing and would look amazing for the holiday season. Maybe if I don't but running shoes for the next three years these will somehow walk their way into my wardrobe!

Vegan Leather Leggings by Paige: I like the idea of leather leggings over leather pants. It feels a little more modern and relaxed when compared to pants. I saw these on one of my favourite fashion bloggers last year and loved them. Kind of tempting that they are back again this year … and 25% off right now!

Chevron Leather Skirt by Milly: I never ever wear skirts but if I did this one would be beautiful. I do love skirts but the truth is I'm a lazy dresser and I look for easy dresses or jeans and tees. This is gorgeous though!

Relaxed Leather Ankle Boots by Frye: I have a pair of black Frye riding boots and I LOVE them. They are comfortable and they look brand new even though they are three years old. I've taken good care of them and they've taken good care of me. These boots look like a nice casual version of my classic riding boots. Very nice!