Fit Girl's Gift Guide

Have a lovely long and lean lady on your arm and looking for some gift ideas?! You have come to the right blog!

Here are my top picks this Christmas for female fitness fanatics like myself. I've gifted myself or have been gifted a few things on this list and love them! My favourite gift however is always time with friends and family! The best gift to give a fitness bunny is to join them in their natural habitat!! Gift them a yoga class, run together, spin class, there's nothing like sweating together.


Lululemon run inspire crop II: These are my all-time favourite lululemon piece … and believe me I've owned a few pairs in my day! At last count I have six versions of this crop! I love the fit of these crops and the way they make your bum look is just unbeatable in my mind. They also work well no matter what time of year.

Nike Free TR in leopard: These are so much fun! I love the leopard print and I swear nice shoes make me move faster! 

Toe Sox: These are great for a Pilates or yoga class. If you are like me and have sweaty paws these are perfect because they help grip the mat and they look pretty cool too!

Timex Watch: Tried and true. I love my durable and sleek watch. I wear this everyday and it's my training buddy. I have tried others but nothing beats this classic.

Fitness books: I love reading athletic biographies, I find them so inspiring. I was so impressed with Andre Agassi's book, the writing was beautiful and his story was surprisingly hugely moving.
The 4-Hour Body is a great book that always gets me thinking about fitness. Although I don't agree with everything in the book I do love that it's a thought provoker.

Michi Sports Bra: Black. Mesh. Sexy. Pretty much sums up this brand all in one. I love her sports bras and mesh leggings.

Pedicure: a great gift for any active girl … especially the runners in your life! This will for sure be used and appreciated!