How to Model If You're not a Model

Please know that in writing this I am not declaring myself a model. I feel like in no way shape or form do I fall into that category. I just have happened to be lucky enough over the last year to need to get my picture taken for various promotional parts of this amazing crazy awesome ride of owning my own business and I have learned a few game changing tips in the world of picture posing.

1. Chin up, eyes down. SO key, hold your head up higher than you might normally to eliminate any chance of double chin and look down at the camera so you look normal.

2. Put more make-up on. I'm typically an au naturale person and I never ever manage to put enough make-up on for the camera to see me. Especially if you have light and fair features like I do make sure your eyebrows are dark enough so that the camera picks up on the fact that you actually have some.

3. Know your good spots and work them baby!! Wear clothes that accentuate your positives. I've learned the hard way that thick straps don't work well with my strong shoulders, a more delicate strap works more to show my tone and will make you look less bulky. Comfort and confidence is key.

4. Snap, snap snap. There are some blog posts that we will actually take 50-60 shots to get one decent photo. That's the beauty of digital and use it. Have your photographer take a ton of photos of you and don't worry about constantly changing positions, find one that works and snap away.

5. Don't wear socks. They make your legs look smaller!

6. Smile. The sexy pout pretty much just works on Posh and that's it. Brush your teeth and unleash those pearly whites. 

I think that's all for now! The rest is pretty simple, just have fun and your pictures will always look amazing. I have another photo shoot coming up with Lululemon this weekend and I'm SO excited about it! I went in the store last week for my fit session to select an outfit and we got it on the first go! I'll be wearing the ignite tank and crops and they are my favourite pieces ever from Lulu!

Can't wait to see some of you at lululemon tomorrow for our first FREE Bod Squad class! This week's class filled up in 30 minutes but there will be more classes in June. Details on Beauty and the Bod facebook page.