Father's Day Gift Guide

This Sunday is father's day!!

I am so excited to be spending the weekend with my awesome family and father! We are going to a BBQ and then a brunch!! My dad is the world's easiest person to buy for. Get him golf balls, books, clothing, bags, polos, anything with any sort of connection to golf and he's happy!

For the fit dads that aren't as easy to buy for I've made a quick list:

1. Lululmeon Precision Polo: A Polo for the stylish pop. Great for golf and beyond. $98

2. FREE Bod Squad: Bod Squaders bring your dad (or a male friend) to class for free next week! $Priceless!

3. Bodum Picnic BBQ: I'm kind of obsessed with picnics this summer (already been on three!!) This little grill would be the cutest thing ever to bring along. $40

4. Pro V1 Golf Balls: The #1 ball in golf. And all the cool dads carry them! $54

5. Bake almond butter chocolate chip cookies!! I LOVE this recipe. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that don't cost much and are made with love! 

6. Nike Free 5+ Running Shoes: a great gift for the dad that's always on the move! Give him these then go on a run together!

7. Bonterra Organic Wine: I'm no wine expert but this one is pretty delicious. And bonus!! It's organic … surely that means you can have an extra glass or two!! $19

Happy father's day everyone!! 

p.s. See you tonight at Lululemon Cumberland for another FREE class complements of Lulu!! Sign-up here … only three spots left!!