I think it's time January got a new name – Crazyary.

Is it just me or has this first week back been, as my sister would say, "a gong show"?

I'm always thankful when I think back to this time last year and how I would have dreamed to be this busy with so many different projects on the go. I'm so grateful to truly get to do what I love but this week however was insane even on my standard (5-9 scehdule!) I hit an all-time record for training hours! I'm now officially hiding from my blackberry – so sorry it's not you it's me! I'm looking forward to taking it down a notch this weekend with some yoga and shopping dates on deck.

Here's a list that's worth working for the weekend for:

1. Listen to my new pink Madonna record I got for Christmas.

2. Brunch, not sure where yet – any suggestions??

3. Goal setting, I'll blog more about this once I'm done but I hope to get a chance to sit down this weekend and map out some of the future for Preston Fitness. Which truthfully, I never love doing but I always love and appreciate the outcome. It seriously works people! But more on that later.

4. Shopping date with the most stylish couple I know: Kat and DD. They are going to drag Matt (the true fashionista in the relationship) and my spandex wearing bum along Bloor and help us out! I'll also be sure to blog their tips. Serious style envy every single time I see them. Can't wait to spend some time with them because they are as nice as they are fashionable.

5. Yoga class at 889. It's been WAY too long since I've done a proper class, like since spring time long. And I'll have the pleasure of catching up with an old friend after. Two birds with one stone – makes me happy!

6. Ravine trot with my running buddy Sarah. Hopefully the snow/ice mixture that is currently coating the trails down there melts with the +12 temps we are expecting!

And of course … welcoming the Matty Bear home. Thinking of making this for dinner.

Have a great weekend everyone