Black and White Weekend

Work and workouts this week have been insane! I've felt this huge creative drive to develop new exercises so that's kept my mind and body running on full tilt lately! I guess now I know how my clients feel!

Even though I've managed to slip in two amazing naps I'm still feeling like a great R & R weekend is in order. 

Here's a list of some of my plans and some things I plan to swoon over browsing online in bed with a pot of tea. I freaking love my job but I also really look forward to resting up on weekends! TGIF everyone!


1. DVF: Graphic Tray: I have two major decorating obsessions: trays and tea cups. I love how versatile trays are, they work perfectly to hold flowers and books but also to serve dinners on. 

2. Sex and the City: My version of classic black and white. Catching up with Ms. Bradshaw over the weekend is absolutely on my list!

3. Lululemon: Run: Reflect Crop: With the snow coming today I don't know if I will get an outdoor run in this weekend. But, these will be perfect for my pilates workout with Brittany on Sunday!

4. Nike Free: How many pairs of running shoes is too many?? I'm sure I could easily double whatever number you just thought of!  But here's my rule with running shoes: I never EVER never pay retail ever. Generally I'll wait for big sales or order last years' model on That's the perfect thing about fitness clothing, it really never goes out of style!

5. Dior Cat Eye Sunglasses: Kind of in love with these but not sure how a cat eye shape will look on my face. My sister Lindsay totally pulls them off though so maybe I'll be able to! Looking at sunglasses makes me feel like summer is just around the corner!

6. Harry Allen Ceramics: Obsessed with this piggy bank & banana bowl! The only problem is I'll have to break the bank to afford this piggy!

7. Candles: Nothing warms up a home like a great smelling candle. After buying a few to many at an incredibly nice but expensive store starting with an A I've smartened up in my candle habits. My favourite places to find great candles are Home Sense and Indigo.