Whites and Diamonds

1. Solitaire Diamond Ring. $200 – $2,000,000+! I'm good somewhere in the middle.
2. Cashmere Sweater, J. Crew. $276
3. White Flare Jeans, MiH. $190
4. Ballet Button Tee, J. Crew. $17.99
5. Crystal Necklace, J. Crew. $100

Let me get this straight right off the bat. I have zero intentions of getting married for at least 5-8 years from now. Or until I feel like I have a stable career which will probably be never because I'm a perfectionist when it comes to work. I just like diamonds and white things a lot. Especially lately because I've been training this new client who literally drips diamonds: diamond rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. it's awesome and her sparkles have got me back on my guilty pleasure habit of searching diamonds online. Particularly here. I change my mind constantly which is why simple solitaire is probably the best bet for me, but really I love them all! Until then I'll settle with this great J. Crew crystal necklace and this new perfect white tee I purchased last weekend. Also lusting over flare pants at the moment and the fall classic cashmere.

p.s. This weekend is wedding weekend on TLC! Have a great one!