Long Weekend To Do List

The long weekend is (almost) here! And I'm getting seriously excited. I haven't had three days off in a row since Christmas and I feel like I need to make the most of it. In my typical first born, early 20s female fashion I always need to have a plan, even if it gets changed 8 times I still must plan! I've created a to do list for this weekend that makes me feel happy just looking at it!

1. Trail run along the beach and pinery x2-3

2. Attempt to make homemade marshmallows and gingerbread for s'mores seen here

3. Build the first bonfire of the season

4. Drink red wine around above bonfire with family and boyfriends

5. Cook farm-fresh eggs for breakfast from our local farmer down the road

6. Do a family Bod Squad session, yes, we do that!

7. Visit the Grand Bend flea market

8. Go golfing with my Dad and hope my game has magically improved with no practice since last summer

9. Watch fireworks on the beach with MacGregor, our 14 year old deaf poodle who actually enjoys the show now that he can't hear!

10. Go for long walks on the beach and talk life plans with anyone who cares to listen!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!