Life Lately


It's been a busy and great week!

1. So remember when I told you my parents sold their house? Well guess where they're moving … ?? MY condo building! They are moving in on the 31st floor (we're on 19) on August 6th. I just can't get away haha! I'm kidding! My parents are so awesome and I know we are going to love having them as neighbors … with a strict no knocking policy ;).

2. And speaking of my condo – we finally got new bedding!! Remember our poll? Thank you for your votes! After sleeping in it I'm thinking the best bedding won!

3. I've started seeing clients now at 5:45 am earrrrrrrrly! So I'm rediscovering the art of napping. The bedding above is being used often.

4. Speaking of clients, I have recently joined forces with a major Toronto gym… stay tuned next week for details! Very exciting!! Business is booming!

5. Breakfast club is over but the videos are still up. The challenge winner, Amanda, received her Lululemon tank in the mail yesterday. Doesn't she look great?! Thanks Amanda!

6. Matt leaves today to BC for three weeks. Ekk and at the same time yippie!! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, if we can do three months away three weeks away should be a breeze. He's meeting up with his best friend in Vancouver. They're going hiking and bromancing, I know he's going to have a great time and I'm so excited for him!

7. While Matt is away my plan is to catch up on some chick flicks and bad girly tv. Any suggestions?!

8. I also plan on making this.

9. There's this new yoga channel I'm obsessed with on youtube: do yoga with me. Amazing full class videos! Take a look 

10. This weekend I'm going to try to make it to Yoga Unplugged. I've been meaning to do this all summer so now's the time! Want to come?

Have a great weekend everyone!