Life Lately

1. I found my dad's old workout journal from 1978! He was 21 at the time. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

It's really cool to see his progress and fun notes like *tender or *SUMMER START! He could bench press 215 lbs which is impressive! Keeping a workout log is really helpful. I find I'm so much more focused on my fitness goals with one. Hopefully my kids find my log one day and think their mom was cool too!

2. I tried doing this workout again yesterday but all I had was a 10 lbs medicine ball. I can barely move today. Good news though I crushed my old score!

3. Matt started playing rugby again this week – WOO HOO! So excited he's getting back to workouts! But two practices in he really REALLY hurt his back while he was attempting a somersault dive tackle. He's been on the DL list for the weekend but looks better everyday.

4. This past weekend I went to Cabin Five. Have you guys been there? Talk about a "meat market"! Seriously every six seconds there were pick-up lines flying left right and centre. I asked a guy for the time and he thought I was trying to kiss him. Cause I can totally see how you misheard me as asking that?! Then one behind me started patting my hair. p.s. that doesn't work. Where was Matt? – see point 3.

5. I'm thinking about getting in on this coloured denim trend but I keep changing my mind: pink, green, red?! I'm thinking these might win. What do you think?

6. I want to make these soooooo badly. Date night is coming.

I hope all is well with you guys! Business for me is insane lately. When it rains, it pours. I'm hoping to hang on and as Gladys from Ellen says, "keep on keeping on!" Please let me know what posts you would like to see more of: beauty, fitness articles or Bod Workouts?! I always love hearing from you!