Kitty and Cobalt

1. I spent the better part of this past rainy Saturday morning watching the complete first season of Boss. Quite simply the show is raw and electrifying. Kelsey Grammer is ridiculously good at his job; he plays the ruthless, tough as nails mayor of Chicago, Tom Kane with such skill and conviction. The role is a total game changer for "Fraiser" in two seconds Kelsey will make you forget he ever was anyone but Tom Kane. It is a dark and dramatic show that left me on the edge of my couch. I'm obsessed with Kitty's (pictured) champagne glasses, here.

2. Tissue Box Cover, Amazon $4.99 : How cute is this?? What a fun idea for a tissue box … am I turning into my mother though? I feel like when you start buying this stuff your youth factor drops quickly haha!

3. Blue Suede Wedges, Pour La Victorie $110 :  I love these new shoes I scooped up over the weekend while walking through West Queen West with a great friend. Nothing better than a Sunday stroll & shoe shopping!

4. Fall, ahhh you're coming!! Woo hoo! I went on two beautiful trail runs this weekend. Loved the crisp smells.

5. Pomegranate Noir Cologne, Jo Malone $65 : This is my perfect fall scent, really rich and wonderful smelling.

6. Gliding Discs, 19.99 : New toys!! Or as my clients affectionately refer to them new "weapons". I was practicing with these gliders all weekend and came up with tons of new twist and sweep moves with these puppies. I can't wait to break them out at Bod Squad tomorrow!