Gifts for the Gym Rat

There are two types of gifts I give Matt: 1. clothing and 2. clothing to wear in the gym.

This Christmas we have already decided to back off official gifts because we are going away to Mexico – WOO HOO! But I do have a few guys on my list so here are some of my top options for the workout gurus in my life:

1. Garmin Watch: Nothing says, "I mean business", like a runner wearing garmin watch. If you're serious about running this is really the gold standard in technology for your wrist. For the guy that enjoys crunching numbers and looking like the pros. The workout log can also be a great motivator and will keep you on track!

2. The 4-Hour Chef: I haven't read this book yet but I really enjoyed The 4-Hour Body and I'm hoping this sequel lives up! From the video trailer and the reviews on it already looks really good!

3. Lululemon Gloves: The finger tips are smart phone friendly – how SMART is that?! Running gloves are a perfect gift for the runner who has everything. I didn't realize how great running gloves were until I got a pair, now I feel naked without them!

4. Newton Running Shoes: The science behind these shoes is that they are meant to train us to run more like barefoot runners – use less of a heel strike that normal shoes promote. I personally have yet to give them a go but I have a few clients who SWEAR by them. 

5. Power Blocks: Perfect for the in-home gym. These weights are interchangeable from 5 – 50 lbs, and they go up in increments of 2.5 lbs … really all you'd ever need in a free weight. Once you get used to them they're really easy to change. 

6. Monster Isport headphones: Washable and sweat proof … need I say more? A great upgrade from the standard ipod headphones!