Crave or Save?

I am eternally searching for a bargain – must be that Scottish blood in me! Here are three things I am currently debating over craving or saving…


1. I LOVE ice cream but I've recently discovered an equally as strong, if not stronger passion for gelato. My absolute favourite is Gelato Fresco in Devil's Food. Amazing.

2. I am in the market for a great pair of nude shoes … I have probably just been spending too much time on Kate Middleton fashion blogs but I love her (and her shoes). Maybe somehow having the same shoes as she does will make us friends?! Aldo makes a very similar version but for less than half the price … and likely quality.

3. Peplum?! Who knew you would look so good on! I'm really liking that this trend is here to stay for fall. In the spring I purchased a black leather peplum top from H&M that I'm in love with. I'm now in the market for a white option.

What’s your take – where should I crave or save?