Big Apple Bests

This past weekend Matt and I went to New York (Matt's first time!) to visit our fried Sarah Tory. She trekked us all around town - it was AWESOME!! Here is a list of our weekend highlights!

Best Workout:

Soul Cycle. This was so much fun! Our instructor made the class feel like a dance party and being a fitness entrepreneur it's an impressive business success story. Normally I can't stand spinning but somehow this felt totally different, the energy created in the jam packed candlelit room was so positive and collaborative. 

Best Buy:

We strolled through Chelsea Market where they had these really cool jewelry vendors. I did some Christmas shopping and also picked out a few bracelets for myself.

Best Stroll:

We took the ferry over to Brooklyn (DUMBO area) to explore this really cool area – Williamsburg. From there we could see the entire Manhattan skyline.

Best Eat:

Actually didn't come from a restaurant! We found a farmer's market in Brooklyn that had the BEST EVER truffle mushroom pizza for $10. Ahhh so good.

A close second was the fig and manchego grilled cheese sandwich from Chelsea market (I'll be making that again!) ps how cute is Matt with his little sandwich on the High Line!?! Love him.

Best Bar:

This might come as a total shock to you but I'm not that much of a wild child party animal. I mean, my true core is a disco bunny, I love to dance but drinking really isn't my favourite thing to do. I think one of my main frustrations at bars is I can't hear anyone! 

When we walked into the Burp Castle (the name did not do it justice) we quickly had the bartender shhshh us. At first this was a little weird and it felt really rude of her and then I started to REALLY like it. She shhshhed everyone so it meant you could actually hear the conversation. I'm not sure how well this would do in Toronto but it was a really cool experience!

Best Overall:

Overall the best part of the weekend was hanging out with Sarah and seeing her so happy in New York. I hope to be able to visit again soon and explore more with her!