Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's day is just around the corner (This Sunday May 10). And the weekend right after that is the long one! YAYA summer is coming!! 

This year I will be running the Sporting Life 10k in the morning and then joining my family for dinner at my sister's condo on her patio. Let me just say I'm looking WAY more forward to the mother's day celebration! 

Of course we've already got our gift wrapped and ready ... made the mistake once of not acknowledging this special day and will NEVER let that happen again! If you're still on the hunt for a great gift idea here are a few suggestions.

1. Toronto Urban Strolls ... for girlfriends: Matt bought me this for my birthday a few years ago and we LOVE it. It took us about three strolls to see the "for girlfriends" in the title. Super cute! This book has little 5 - 8 km loops of Toronto neighbourhoods. It has not let us down once. It would be a great gift to give this book and choose a new area to explore together.

2. A crystal: can't go wrong with giving good heathy vibes. 

3. Diptyque Tubereuse Candle: I got this for my mom last year and she loved it. Beautiful fresh sweet scent, perfect for springtime. 

4. Manduka eKO Mat: give the gift of fitness! Take your mom to a yoga class and surprise her with a new mat! 

5. Saje Pocket Pharmacy: I gave this to my mom for Christmas and she's already almost gone through it. And she's given it to at least five other people... a good sign! If your mom is into essential oils this is a great store to check out.

6. A succulent: I found mine at Canadian Tire and IKEA. A perfect little plant that will smile at her all year long.

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How To: Taylor Swift Curls

My appreciation for Taylor began in a weird way. About five years ago I was listening to Matt's ipod on a run and came across a bunch of her songs. I thought it was hilarious - considering at the time he listened to Pink Floyd and the Beatles on repeat. He convinced me to watch her documentary, Journey to Fearless, a two hour special and after that I was impressed, she's a cool cat with great curls.

:: Ultimate waver iron ::

I have always wanted curly hair but it's probably for the best that my hair falls pin-straight after every shower. If I had to do anything extra with it I'd likely be left with a big ball on the top of my head everyday!

I curled my hair a lot in university but it could never make it last an entire night. I'd always end up with stringy pieces no matter how much hairspray I used.

When I saw this wavy flat iron on amazon I decided to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I waved my hair like this a lot in the summer and fall. The waves last at least 48 hours ... I haven't tried any longer but with my hair that would be just gross! It is super easy to use - kind of reminds me of a crimping iron!

If you have straight hair and want a guaranteed all night curl this is your tool. 

Like this post ... here's a few more!

Fit Gifts + Giveaway

1. Backpack: This is a great gift if you're not exactly sure what size the gifttee is. I bought a lululemon back pack almost three years ago and it's still going super strong. One of my all time favourite purchases from them, and believe me I've made a few!

2. Keep Calm and Yoga OM gift pack: This scent is called "yoga" and it is absolutely delicious. This is a perfect gift pack for the yogi in your life!! It comes with a mist spray, diffuser essential oils blend, bath salts and a diffuser. This is a Canadian brand from Vancouver - they just opened a few Toronto stores and they smell amazing. All natural, organic, essential oils and products to help make the most of them!

* If you comment on today's blog (and you're from Canada) your name will be entered in a draw to WIN this gift pack!!

3. Yogi toes: I'm sure most of us already have a yoga mat so these towels make the perfect present. They have tiny little grips on one side to stick to a mat during a yoga class. Ideal if it's hot but also great even if it's not!

4. Bod Squad: We just got fancy - there are GIFT CARDS you can buy to put towards your next Bod Squad session!! If you can't get to my class then even some other regular old class is a great gift. I usually love giving and getting experience gifts way more than material ones!

5. FitBit: I'm actually obsessed with mine. It is SO much fun!! I love that I can add my friends and see how far they go in a day. The competitor in me also LOVES to win. I'll be blogging again soon on just how much I love this toy.

6. Cute tanks: Etsy is a great source for quick + charming little gifts. Cotton tanks are great to wear to and from the gym. They are cheap and cheerful.

7. ALEX bottle: could just be the coolest new water bottle. Check out their awesome kickstarter campaign. This water bottle/smoothie holder/cocktail shaker/food container is pure genius. The easy clean and pack features just make so much sense I can't believe nobody has thought of this! LOVE how you can hide a beer bottle in it haha!! You can't get your bottle just yet but it will be fun to receive in a few months pre-order it here!

Shimmy Shake Sparkle Pants

I haven't taken these pants off since I bought them on black friday.

:: Toque: blissed out, Leather Jacket: All Saints, Tank: cool racer back, Pants: jet crops, Booties: clarks ::

Seriously, I'm obsessed. When lululemon first came out with these jet set crops in the summer I passed them up, I initially thought that the style wouldn't look that good on me. The trouble was I tried them on and pulled them up around my ribcage so they looked like granny pants ... I totally love that but unfortunately that's not in Vogue at the moment. Now that I've been told to pull them down I know that they are the most comfortable things ever and really have a universally flattering shape. Perfect for to and from studio, or just relaxing at home, hosting casual dinner parties ... or even for bedtime! 

I am loving this sparkle print - so festive!! From far away these look like real sequins.

Truth be told it might be just a tad chilly to wear these outside for long periods of time in Toronto right now. Here's what this photo shoot really looked like between takes:

Double toque (thanks to roots) and sweater layer (from Aritiza) ... this is how Canada does "fall fashion"!

I love these pants and can't wait to wear them in the springtime full time. In the meantime they are perfect to throw over shorts after hot yoga or just on their own while I'm training clients. Love love love the sparkle pants! 

If you like this outfit check out the dress I bought this summer here

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Fit Foodie Gift Guide

I freaking love food.

For that hard to buy for foodie on your list I've rounded up my top seven gifts that I've given and received. These are sure to please!

1. Double Zero Flour: For the foodie who absolutely LOVES to make homemade pizza this is the essential ingredient gift. When we lived in Europe our homemade pizza tasted so much better than it did when we tried the exact same recipes at home. I figured out that the flour makes a HUGE difference in the pizza crust consistency. For the pizza connoisseur there really is no other way! This would also be great to give as part of a pizza date night gift.

2. Govino Champagne flutes: Who doesn't love bubbly on the go?! These cute picnic flutes were given to us as a gift and they are great for home, beach and beyond.

3. Cumquat tree: Apparently this is the easiest fruit to grow indoors! Giving flowers is always great but here it comes with the added food bonus and a fun green thumb project.

4. Staub Dutch Oven: We got one of these for a wedding present and I've been cooking up a storm with it ever since. Seriously beautiful pot that will be the gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime.

5. Drake General Store marble + wood cheeseboard: sartorialist take on the classic.

6. cb2 old fashioned tumblr glasses: We bought these years ago and they are the perfect mini cups for water or any small cocktail. The chevron print is beautiful and they've held up very well over the years.

7. Julienne peeler: LOVE this idea! I bought my mom a spiralizer a few years ago and she loves it. I do find it a little difficult to lug out and this peeler does the exact same thing in half the time with a much smaller margin for error. Make your own vegetable noodles!! According to the brilliant Angela from Oh She Glows this is the best one on the market. I trust her taste completely!

Bonus: My favourite cookbook of the year by FAR has been Oh She Glows. Her recipes are inventive without being overly fussy. I love the fact that it's a "vegan" book but honestly I didn't even realize that until I'd cooked four things from it. A new take on plant powered cooking.

My favourites are her no bake balls, the cashew broccoli wraps, the zucchini noodles, and the morning shakes. 

This book make veggies look super sexy. For the cook who has every tool this is a great addition to their library. 

Thanks again to my friend and client Jill for this birthday gift that has kept on giving!!


Polar Vortex Prepartaion

I don't know about you guys but last year's polar vortex has me totally on edge about this coming winter.

Those freeze quakes were absolutely insane - especially if you lived in a condo. One particularly nippy Toronto -35 night we woke up to what sounded like our neighbours slamming down basketballs on top of our heads. "CHUNG - CHUNG" At first that's exactly what we thought they were doing. I almost when upstairs to ask them to be quiet! We decided it wasn't awful and if it happened again we would complain. Then the next morning we were told that the sound wasn't from basketballs it was from the pipes freezing and contracting inside the building because it was so freaking cold! It was wild and happened at least three more times!!

Since I'm absolutely not a winter person and one day hope to be lucky enough to escape Toronto's winters on a more regular basis I have decided that the only way to cope is to be absolutely dressed for the weather at all times.

I've already changed over all of our bedding to warm and fuzzy flannel now it's time to take a look at the winter wardrobe.

Here's my wish list for the season:

Chunky Cabin Toque (hat) - Roots
If this hat doesn't scream "OH CANADA" I don't know what does. Super cute, love the pom pom.

Matchstick Black Jeans - J. Crew
These are my favourite jeans and my old pair just ripped because of too much love.  The black will be a nice change and I think will pair nicely with my wintertime clothing.

Adirondack Boots - UGG
I have eyed these for years. They look like the perfect combination of cozy and functional. Although they are absolutely on the pricey side I've heard from friends that they are worth it ... I think this year I might finally take the plunge!

Trillium Parka - Canada Goose
I had a goose for seven years. It was the warmest coat I've ever had. I wore it to the ground! Last year I decided to go elsewhere for my winter jacket and totally regretted it. Hands down this was the best coat I've ever had. 

Cashmere Mitts - The Cashmere Shop
These were a gift last year and I must say they are surprisingly warm considering how lightweight they are. This store is also absolutely beautiful.

Turleneck - Splendid
A black turtleneck and jeans is my cold weather uniform. Makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn!

Dry Shampoo Win

I am a dry shampoo fanatic.

I need to be in this line of work! I normally take at least two showers a day and I could do with at least three more! 

I've tried MANY brands and came across this one last week at Shoppers. It was on sale and I decided to give it a go. I LOVE it. I get more complements when I'm wearing it than not because it makes my hair look 10x more blonde! Best beauty buy of the month by far - I hope it is still on sale!

Wedding Bouquetspiration

One of the most common questions I've had planning this wedding has been, "What is your theme? What are your colours?" 

To me our theme is wedding and the colours are white and whatever shade of green the trees happen to be around us. Don't get me wrong – I love a good theme wedding, it's just not my thing. And white is my all time favourite shade. White flowers are so fragrant, elegant and beautiful. In fact, whenever I buy flowers at home they are almost always white.

During my high school summers I worked as a gardener at a company called Foliage Fetish… let's just say I learnt a lot those months! One of the best parts about working as a gardener was developing an appreciation for flowers. Before then I wouldn't know a begonia from a bouganvilla! Throughout the wedding planning process the flowers have been one of the things I'm most excited for. Today is the day! Above are some of my favourite fall white flowers for inspiration. I can't wait to see what our florist Bruno has cooked up for us!

Organic Skin Care

I have had a ton of skin trouble in my lifetime.

And frankly I can't blame my skin for getting mad at me. I put it through a lot. I'm constantly getting sweaty throughout the day, moving from one workout to another and it can be tough to keep my skin clean and spot free.

My gorgeous model friend and running buddy Aniela took me to Carrot Common after a run last week and she took me through her whole skincare regimen. We actually had people come up to us who overhead Aniela in all her skin-wisdom and they started asking her questions about their products! I think Aniela would make an amazing organic skin care sales person if modelling doesn't work out haha! 

1. Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Oil

This smells amazing and is really great for my dry body skin. I love this so far.

2. Green Beaver Grapefruit Skin Cleanser

This feels really light and also works to take all my make-up off at night. This is one of the cheapest cleansers I've ever had and so far it's my favourite.

3. Heritage Store Rose Water Glycerin

LOVE love love this. It's really refreshing to spray this on your face at morning and night. The glycerin acts as a light moisturizer and it feels amazing and cooling on my skin.

I'm really loving this organic skin care. It's cheaper than anything you will find at Holts or Sephora and it's local, organic and great for your skin. Next stop will be transferring my make-up over to organic products.

Our skin is our bodies largest organ and we feed it with creams and cleansers so they should be healthy enough to eat, at least that's what Aniela tells me so I'm going with it. And believe me, if you saw her skin you would too! 

Taking Care of Workout Clothing

I am very lucky to live in a world of workout clothing!

Along the way I've learned some tips and thoughts about how to lengthen the life of my workout clothing that I'm going to share with you here.

1. You cannot workout in the same outfit twice without washing it. It's just gross, you will stink and your chances of getting a staph infection, or really any infection are SO much higher when you're covered in yesterday's sweat. Your clothing will also be WAY harder to wash and get the sweat out if you leave it longer. 

1. a. That's even if it's in the same day. I often workout twice a day. I know, I know but it's my job! I need to always be ready. I have at least three outfits ready – a client outfit, a class outfit and a workout outfit. Be prepared!

2. Wash your workout clothing together keep the jeans and towels for another load. If you have enough try to wash your spandex alone. It will keep your stuff looking fresh and not pilling. Also if your tops have cups like these ones pictured. 

Take them out before you wash your top and then put them back in after. It will save them from shrinking and getting lumpy. Your shirts will look way better longer.

3. Every year change up your standard crop, tights, shorts and get rid of anything more than two years old. It is hard to do but honestly it probably still looks ok but if you've been doing any high intensity stuff - it definitely STINKS. 

4. Learn about what the clothing is actually for. Most workout clothing is made for running or yoga and it can make a big difference in your workout having the right gear. There is nothing more bothersome then wearing run tights to a Pilates class and having the zipper dig into your back the entire time. If you can in the store try doing a few of the moves you often do and test it out.

5. It's motivational to get an outfit you feel awesome in. If you're doing it everyday you might as well feel great about yourself doing it! Let's face it, you're looking into a mirror for 60 minutes, it's nice to smile at what you see.

Fit Girl's Gift Guide

Have a lovely long and lean lady on your arm and looking for some gift ideas?! You have come to the right blog!

Here are my top picks this Christmas for female fitness fanatics like myself. I've gifted myself or have been gifted a few things on this list and love them! My favourite gift however is always time with friends and family! The best gift to give a fitness bunny is to join them in their natural habitat!! Gift them a yoga class, run together, spin class, there's nothing like sweating together.


Lululemon run inspire crop II: These are my all-time favourite lululemon piece … and believe me I've owned a few pairs in my day! At last count I have six versions of this crop! I love the fit of these crops and the way they make your bum look is just unbeatable in my mind. They also work well no matter what time of year.

Nike Free TR in leopard: These are so much fun! I love the leopard print and I swear nice shoes make me move faster! 

Toe Sox: These are great for a Pilates or yoga class. If you are like me and have sweaty paws these are perfect because they help grip the mat and they look pretty cool too!

Timex Watch: Tried and true. I love my durable and sleek watch. I wear this everyday and it's my training buddy. I have tried others but nothing beats this classic.

Fitness books: I love reading athletic biographies, I find them so inspiring. I was so impressed with Andre Agassi's book, the writing was beautiful and his story was surprisingly hugely moving.
The 4-Hour Body is a great book that always gets me thinking about fitness. Although I don't agree with everything in the book I do love that it's a thought provoker.

Michi Sports Bra: Black. Mesh. Sexy. Pretty much sums up this brand all in one. I love her sports bras and mesh leggings.

Pedicure: a great gift for any active girl … especially the runners in your life! This will for sure be used and appreciated! 

Say Yes to the Dress 101

This past weekend I went wedding dress shopping for the first time!

:: Dresses I am inspired by, but didn't try any of these on don't worry!! ::

The experience was exciting but a lot more intimidating than I had originally thought it would be. Having just my family there (mom, dad and sister Lindsay) was amazing, they were all totally supportive and had great suggestions. It is a bit strange, never again in your life will you have three people sit down and care so strongly about how you look.

Things I wish I had known beforehand:

The dresses are all one size. 

Usually that's a bridal size 10 which they said was about 2 sizes bigger than normal so most dresses are a size 6. Luckily I'm typically a 4 or 6 and they had to clip me into a few which was fine and at the same time others were a tad small and couldn't be done up all the way. There was one poor slightly bigger girl who was trying on dresses at one store beside me and had a really tough time with this, if you're not a size 6 just know that it might be difficult to try on dresses and get a total sense of what it will look like, don't get discouraged, it's not you it's the dress!! The main point here is the sample dresses aren't perfect so I wish I had slightly lower expectations of them. It is not like normal dress shopping where you will know right away if it's going to look amazing, this dress needs to be worked! Usually they are a little dirty and they have zippers in the back instead of 40+ buttons or a corset tie up to make them easy access. Don't walk out expecting to have that perfect fit right away because the dress isn't your size and it's been tried on so many times that it's probably a little worn in places. Your dress will be 10x better than the sample.

Wear a nude strapless bra and light coloured underwear that you don't mind everyone seeing. 

My mom texted me this the night before and it was a VERY helpful reminder haha! Thanks mom! Every place will be different but one store the sales person was actually in the change room with me the entire time. I liked having her there because it made the process more efficient but if I wasn't wearing a strapless bra then you would have to be naked and it's almost november … little chilly for that! And you're opening and closing the dressing room so much you're sometimes just exposed to everyone. Fun!

Look online but keep your eyes open in the store, you never know until you have it on.

I probably tried on 20 dresses this weekend. Some you will know within 20 seconds that they are a no but at least you will know. Dresses on 5'10 models who have waists the size of a typical thigh will look VERY different on your body. Being only 5'4 there were a few dresses that I thought I would love that absolutely swallowed me or made me look, "like I was 6 months pregnant" – thanks for the honesty Linds!

Take photos.

This will help you organize your thoughts on dresses and keep you focused. A picture says 1000 words and you want a dress that doesn't take a bad photo. On your day you will likely be photographed a lot and you want to make sure that it is as perfect in person as it will be on camera. We also took videos of me pretend walking down the aisle, that was also helpful to see how the dress moves.

After this weekend I'm not sure I've found "the one" yet but I'm happy to keep searching. We are going to New York in two weeks and I am very excited to stop by Kleinfelds and maybe actually "say yes to the dress!"

Leaaatha List

Fall is the perfect season for leather. I can't help but find myself browsing the internet for a little leatha! In my perfect dream world this list is what I would buy. Unfortunately I do have a budget and can't pay for these items with burpees … that would be amazing!

If I could only get one thing on this list in my reality it would be the jacket, I have a friend who was wearing this last week and it looked amazing on her. In my fairy tale world I would absolutely get the shoes, I'm pretty sure I could teach Pilates in these! I'd make it work.

Leather Jacket by All Saints: Love this classic look. I've been looking for a leather jacket for the past three years now and this one just might be it. I still need to go try it on but I love it online!

Studded Pumps by Valentino: Listen, a girl can dream. These shoes are amazing and would look amazing for the holiday season. Maybe if I don't but running shoes for the next three years these will somehow walk their way into my wardrobe!

Vegan Leather Leggings by Paige: I like the idea of leather leggings over leather pants. It feels a little more modern and relaxed when compared to pants. I saw these on one of my favourite fashion bloggers last year and loved them. Kind of tempting that they are back again this year … and 25% off right now!

Chevron Leather Skirt by Milly: I never ever wear skirts but if I did this one would be beautiful. I do love skirts but the truth is I'm a lazy dresser and I look for easy dresses or jeans and tees. This is gorgeous though!

Relaxed Leather Ankle Boots by Frye: I have a pair of black Frye riding boots and I LOVE them. They are comfortable and they look brand new even though they are three years old. I've taken good care of them and they've taken good care of me. These boots look like a nice casual version of my classic riding boots. Very nice!

Plum Fun

Fall has finally arrived. This is the ultimate workout-run weather!! I am in my happy place. Fall is by FAR my favourite season ever... the only sad part is that it means winter is just around the corner!! But I try not to think about that too much and surround myself with beautiful plum coloured things! 

I'm really into plum right now.

Here are a few of my current PLUM favourites:

Aritzia Finley Top: I bought this top on sale last year near thanksgiving and it quickly became a go-to favourite. Easy to wear with jeans and with my short torso I love a V-neck. 

O.P.I. Malaga Wine: this is the perfect fall plum colour. I have the pleasure of training some very stylish people and one of my clients, this absolutely beautiful lady Beth, wears this colour a lot. I took the idea from her and I love it on my toes. I swear it helps with Pilates footwork haha!

Aritzia Wilfred Free Dress: If you've seen me at all in the past two months and I wasn't in spandex I was likely wearing the grey version of this dress. I LOVE it. It feels like a sweater but looks like I'm actually wearing something semi-nice. Also – fun fact – I got engaged in this dress!! Lucky!!

Lululemon Fluffin' Awesome Vest: I love the plum version of this vest, so fluffy and cute!! I think they are sold out online but they have lots left at the Yorkville store!

How to Model If You're not a Model

Please know that in writing this I am not declaring myself a model. I feel like in no way shape or form do I fall into that category. I just have happened to be lucky enough over the last year to need to get my picture taken for various promotional parts of this amazing crazy awesome ride of owning my own business and I have learned a few game changing tips in the world of picture posing.

1. Chin up, eyes down. SO key, hold your head up higher than you might normally to eliminate any chance of double chin and look down at the camera so you look normal.

2. Put more make-up on. I'm typically an au naturale person and I never ever manage to put enough make-up on for the camera to see me. Especially if you have light and fair features like I do make sure your eyebrows are dark enough so that the camera picks up on the fact that you actually have some.

3. Know your good spots and work them baby!! Wear clothes that accentuate your positives. I've learned the hard way that thick straps don't work well with my strong shoulders, a more delicate strap works more to show my tone and will make you look less bulky. Comfort and confidence is key.

4. Snap, snap snap. There are some blog posts that we will actually take 50-60 shots to get one decent photo. That's the beauty of digital and use it. Have your photographer take a ton of photos of you and don't worry about constantly changing positions, find one that works and snap away.

5. Don't wear socks. They make your legs look smaller!

6. Smile. The sexy pout pretty much just works on Posh and that's it. Brush your teeth and unleash those pearly whites. 

I think that's all for now! The rest is pretty simple, just have fun and your pictures will always look amazing. I have another photo shoot coming up with Lululemon this weekend and I'm SO excited about it! I went in the store last week for my fit session to select an outfit and we got it on the first go! I'll be wearing the ignite tank and crops and they are my favourite pieces ever from Lulu!

Can't wait to see some of you at lululemon tomorrow for our first FREE Bod Squad class! This week's class filled up in 30 minutes but there will be more classes in June. Details on Beauty and the Bod facebook page. 

Father's Day Gift Guide

This Sunday is father's day!!

I am so excited to be spending the weekend with my awesome family and father! We are going to a BBQ and then a brunch!! My dad is the world's easiest person to buy for. Get him golf balls, books, clothing, bags, polos, anything with any sort of connection to golf and he's happy!

For the fit dads that aren't as easy to buy for I've made a quick list:

1. Lululmeon Precision Polo: A Polo for the stylish pop. Great for golf and beyond. $98

2. FREE Bod Squad: Bod Squaders bring your dad (or a male friend) to class for free next week! $Priceless!

3. Bodum Picnic BBQ: I'm kind of obsessed with picnics this summer (already been on three!!) This little grill would be the cutest thing ever to bring along. $40

4. Pro V1 Golf Balls: The #1 ball in golf. And all the cool dads carry them! $54

5. Bake almond butter chocolate chip cookies!! I LOVE this recipe. Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that don't cost much and are made with love! 

6. Nike Free 5+ Running Shoes: a great gift for the dad that's always on the move! Give him these then go on a run together!

7. Bonterra Organic Wine: I'm no wine expert but this one is pretty delicious. And bonus!! It's organic … surely that means you can have an extra glass or two!! $19

Happy father's day everyone!! 

p.s. See you tonight at Lululemon Cumberland for another FREE class complements of Lulu!! Sign-up here … only three spots left!!

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Sunday is mother's day! If your mom is anything like my mom she's probably a pretty difficult person to buy for!

Here's a list of a few ideas I had to make my mom's day great (mom please let me know what you want!)

1. Home Sense by Cynthia Rowley pitcher + glasses – perfect for patio season: $9 pitcher, $3 per glass.

2. Home Depot (or any garden store) Lime Plant – great gift that will keep on giving all summer: $14

3. West Elm Shimmering Balsam Candle – the BEST scent ever! And it's on sale: $8

4. Manduka Yoga Mat – any of my hardcore yogi friends will tell you Manduka is the bomb-diggity when it comes to mats, truly top of the line: $78
A great side gift here would be to take your mom to yoga or sign-up for a free trial pass at Daily Burn Yoga and sample classes from world class instructors: Free

5. Tiny Devotions Mala – beautiful and meaningful, find the mala that best suits your mom: $113

6. FREE Bod Squad classes! For mom's all next week! If you're a Bod Squader right now please e-mail me to sign your mom up for a free class with you!

Black and White Weekend

Work and workouts this week have been insane! I've felt this huge creative drive to develop new exercises so that's kept my mind and body running on full tilt lately! I guess now I know how my clients feel!

Even though I've managed to slip in two amazing naps I'm still feeling like a great R & R weekend is in order. 

Here's a list of some of my plans and some things I plan to swoon over browsing online in bed with a pot of tea. I freaking love my job but I also really look forward to resting up on weekends! TGIF everyone!


1. DVF: Graphic Tray: I have two major decorating obsessions: trays and tea cups. I love how versatile trays are, they work perfectly to hold flowers and books but also to serve dinners on. 

2. Sex and the City: My version of classic black and white. Catching up with Ms. Bradshaw over the weekend is absolutely on my list!

3. Lululemon: Run: Reflect Crop: With the snow coming today I don't know if I will get an outdoor run in this weekend. But, these will be perfect for my pilates workout with Brittany on Sunday!

4. Nike Free: How many pairs of running shoes is too many?? I'm sure I could easily double whatever number you just thought of!  But here's my rule with running shoes: I never EVER never pay retail ever. Generally I'll wait for big sales or order last years' model on That's the perfect thing about fitness clothing, it really never goes out of style!

5. Dior Cat Eye Sunglasses: Kind of in love with these but not sure how a cat eye shape will look on my face. My sister Lindsay totally pulls them off though so maybe I'll be able to! Looking at sunglasses makes me feel like summer is just around the corner!

6. Harry Allen Ceramics: Obsessed with this piggy bank & banana bowl! The only problem is I'll have to break the bank to afford this piggy!

7. Candles: Nothing warms up a home like a great smelling candle. After buying a few to many at an incredibly nice but expensive store starting with an A I've smartened up in my candle habits. My favourite places to find great candles are Home Sense and Indigo. 

The Lust List

Things I kind of really want right now … and they are mostly gold!

1. Rose Gold Flatware: So pretty! And as gold as it gets! West Elm: $40.

2. It's All Good: Ok, not gold, but it's all good! I am SO excited for Gwyneth's second cookbook. I have a major girl crush on GP, her first cookbook, "My Father's Daughter" is amazing and this one looks even better! Amazon: $20(Comes out in April).

3. Golden French Press: To make those 5 am wake-up calls just a tad brighter! The French Press changed my coffee life, so simple and so delicious! Anthropologie: $70.

4. Measuring Hedgies: Cuteness explosion! I feel like baking would be 100x more fun with these cute cups!Anthropologie: $36.

5. Golden Playing Cards: There's nothing like a good games night. These cards will up the style anti. Drake General Store: $18.

6. Haydee Loafer: The classic turned up a notch. One of my favourite style bloggers, Atlantic-Pacific, wears these often, I'm obsessed but waiting for a sale: Coach: $188.

7. Branch Sconces: I saw these in my Domino Coffee Table book and I'm in love. If you guys know where to find please let me know. They could also make a fun DIY! 


I think it's time January got a new name – Crazyary.

Is it just me or has this first week back been, as my sister would say, "a gong show"?

I'm always thankful when I think back to this time last year and how I would have dreamed to be this busy with so many different projects on the go. I'm so grateful to truly get to do what I love but this week however was insane even on my standard (5-9 scehdule!) I hit an all-time record for training hours! I'm now officially hiding from my blackberry – so sorry it's not you it's me! I'm looking forward to taking it down a notch this weekend with some yoga and shopping dates on deck.

Here's a list that's worth working for the weekend for:

1. Listen to my new pink Madonna record I got for Christmas.

2. Brunch, not sure where yet – any suggestions??

3. Goal setting, I'll blog more about this once I'm done but I hope to get a chance to sit down this weekend and map out some of the future for Preston Fitness. Which truthfully, I never love doing but I always love and appreciate the outcome. It seriously works people! But more on that later.

4. Shopping date with the most stylish couple I know: Kat and DD. They are going to drag Matt (the true fashionista in the relationship) and my spandex wearing bum along Bloor and help us out! I'll also be sure to blog their tips. Serious style envy every single time I see them. Can't wait to spend some time with them because they are as nice as they are fashionable.

5. Yoga class at 889. It's been WAY too long since I've done a proper class, like since spring time long. And I'll have the pleasure of catching up with an old friend after. Two birds with one stone – makes me happy!

6. Ravine trot with my running buddy Sarah. Hopefully the snow/ice mixture that is currently coating the trails down there melts with the +12 temps we are expecting!

And of course … welcoming the Matty Bear home. Thinking of making this for dinner.

Have a great weekend everyone