Yoga Video from Mula

Over the last year I have really started to appreciate the benefits of yoga and mobility training in my workouts. It is nice to counter the pounding of running and weight training with something totally different. I have loved the new challenges yoga demands and the alternative perspectives on anatomy and cueing. I am stronger all around now, it turns out it takes a lot of strength to stretch properly! 

Outdoor yoga season is coming up!! My favourite, there is nothing like looking up at the sky during a yoga class, I love it! Last year I went to lululemon's yoga in the park just a few times because I broke my foot. Near the end of the season when I could jump back in I was lucky enough to catch one of Hana Lukac's classes. She was awesome. Amazing voice, creative flow and just a beautiful creature! Last week I found a youtube video by Hana that I absolutely love - I've done it twice now! 40 minutes is the perfect amount of at home yoga for me, and there are moves in here that I've never seen before! And I've seen a few! Thank you for the great flow Hana!

Enjoy this free flow and if you're in Toronto go check Hana out at her studio - Mula!

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