Girl Crush

I have major respect for this lady!

Like 5.5 million other people I was in total awww of her "Contortionist" video by Equinox.

I'm currently in between Bod Squad sessions so I'm on a mini vacation up at my cottage, a perfect chance to get back into yoga! On Friday I subscribed to a one week trial on Bri's website – Yogi's Anonymous. Her classes are AMAZING! They are unique and creative, probably the best yoga class I've ever done!

Bri and her husband Dice (an equally amazing yogi) have a yoga teacher training in Thailand this July, I would LOVE to attend but I'll be at Bod Squad! If you can make it this would be the trip of a lifetime! 

I've made it my summer goal to learn how to properly do a handstand and re-learn how to do the splits. Often times most yoga classes I've been to veer away from teaching splits and handstands because they are a little dangerous and advanced but these classes are perfect for where I am right now with yoga. I highly recommend them if you're looking for a more advanced class that you can do at home. I also really like how you can't fast forward them and you have to go with their flow, makes it more like a real class.

:: The class wasn't quite this advanced! But still amazing! ::

Yoga this weekend has helped me relax, which for me is almost impossible! I love what I do so I miss it but I also appreciate the rest and I know I'll be coming back with tons of energy (and new moves!) for our first week back at class!