I have to be honest with you guys – lately I've been feeling completely overwhelmed with this business. Last night I was at a Christmas party and when someone asked my name I needed to pause and think about it for a second – YIKES! The good news is I eventually got the question right, "my name is Christie Preston", the bad news is a few people in Toronto now think I'm an absolute loon … oh well!

I have decided today that I'm going to start one of my new years resolutions early – mediate. I'm a constant thinker, whenever I walk into a new place I'm immediately going to start thinking about their business model, what their margins are like on their products, what the rent of a certain place is, it's just what I do. When I was traveling in Thailand with my friend Jules I was constantly dreaming up new business models, she made some fun of me but I do think at some point in my life I will start some of those ideas!

Whenever I ask Matt what he's thinking it's usually, "nothing" or some random assortment of thoughts, "rainbow skittles, hockey, NFL drafts…" He's basically in a constant state of meditation. Hence he's calm cool and collected demeanor. And I aspire to be more zen like that.

This video was a really helpful introduction for me. I could barely hold my thoughts in for 10 seconds and then I thought, "gee this is a long time, what will I do after this? Christie FOCUS! Why is this so hard for you?" Gssh, this could be a long process.

My goal is to make it through the full minute by the end of this weekend and go from there!