DIY Massage

What a weekend!

tennis ball.jpg

We made it home in one piece from the Big Apple (expect a full review in tomorrow's blog). Our tour guide, my dear friend, Sarah wholehearteldy believes that the best way to explore a city is by walking in a mix of concentric circles and zig-zags, and overlaping many times to make sure you've covered off every single square foot of the city properly. In total we walked enough to circle the island of Manhattan at least three – if not four times. 

Whenever I'm tight from lots of running or walking I find the best thing to do is a little DIY foot massage with a tennis ball (or myofasical release ball). Just roll the tennis ball underneath your foot and apply enough weight to feel a slight pull from the bottom of your foot. Roll for 2 minutes on each side and they will feel a lot better! OR have a boyfriend massage your feet for you – an even better option!! 

Check out this video for a how to.