Fast and Fun 20 x 20s

I can't say enough great things about interval running.

If you're not doing them already TODAY is the day to hop on the interval fun train! 


1. In half the time you get twice the workout of your average jogger.

2. Intervals teach your body to move better, stand taller, work at your maximum efficiency. My posture improved after building intervals into my routine.

3. EPOC (exercise post oxygen consumption):

Basically in a nutshell this chart describes how interval training essentially "tricks" your body into thinking it's working harder and longer than it actually is. SO COOL! Right? When you are full-on sprinting your body takes on an "oxygen deficit" you're breathing hard and working hard to get air in. Once you stop your sprint it takes awhile for your lungs to catch up with your muscles. You create an "oxygen debt" which tricks your body into thinking that it is still working out hard even during your rest. As you can see in the chart above this doesn't just last for 30 seconds it can actually last up to 20 minutes post your interval workout. What does it mean? Your body is still working – burning calories – LONG after your workout is over. So so so cool. 

4. It makes you a faster runner. When I first started really getting serious with interval training in university my max max max was a 8.0 mph … now that's what I jog at! 

20 x 20s Workout

The set up is super simple. All you will need is a watch or a phone with a timer on it. I love the app called simple interval timer (SIT) on the iphone. Warm-up for 5 minutes and then start into the intervals. 

20 seconds run HARD

20 seconds run easy

Repeat this pattern 20 times. 

The key to this workout is there needs to be a DISTINCT difference between your on and your off phase. Intervals will only work if they push you out of your comfort zone. The 20 seconds on should feel like you want to die at the end of every interval.

This is a great fun workout to do with a buddy!

Good luck! Happy running!

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