Spring 10km Training

This is IT.

Once and for all I am going to crush the sub 40 marker this year at the Sporting Life 10 km on May 10.

How am I going to do that?

1. It's a super fast course ... thank GOD!
I LOVE the vibrancy of this event. It is a great showcase for the city and every single year I have done this run I am proud to be a Torontonian! 

2. If you can't beat them ... join them.
Last year I ran the race with Eddie, my sister's super fit boyfriend. We paced each other through the 8 km mark but then I ran out of gas and Eddie took off! I was proud of him, but this year I'm going to keep up! Eddie and I have planned to meet once a week to workout together - we are going to mix in intervals and run on the course as much as possible before the big day.

3. Longer runs. I will be the first person to tell you I don't LOVE running. I love it when running is over but the actual act isn't my favourite, it's ok, I don't hate it but would I rather be doing something more fun like trying a one-armed handstand - yes! So usually I don't run for more than 30 minutes MAX. I mix in a lot of interval training but I rarely do any "long runs". Since I crashed at the 8 km marker last year, and the year before I need to build up my endurance and speed here. To combat this I will be doing two "long" 10km + runs a week. One of those two I will build intervals in starting at the 8 km marker and going from there.

4. Running outside. I am a total weather baby and rely a lot on treadmills. For general fitness this is OK but not if you're training to race and run fast. A lot of experts will tell you that you're actually building up a lot of the wrong muscles and underutilizing your hamstrings big time. This is a problem because your legs don't propel you forward fast enough. 
So hie ho hie ho it's outside I go.

5. Using Map My Run app. I love this simple app - it tracks distance, time and pace. Perfect. It will tell you every 2 km or so your split time and average pace. It is very helpful for pushing myself on regular runs.

6. CRUSH IT. This is it. I am going to get sub 40 this year ... 3 x a charm! 

Are you guys running any spring races?! 

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