Get Outside

Spring has SPRUNG!!!

And I could not be more excited!

I took a bit of a hiatus from running over the winter months. This year I did one treadmill speed workout a week and that was it for running, in past winters I ran almost everyday indoors on a treadmill. Since we moved into a new building without a treadmill I have focused my workouts more on strength and core training. I have loved the results from mixing it up but I must say I can't wait to get back out on the road again.

If you're planning on hitting the pavement for the first time in months here are a few tips (for you and for me!)

Increase your mileage by no more than 15% per week

The beginning of any training program is the most likely time you will get an injury! Take it easy here. I started with a 5 km run and took a day off, I'll build up from there. For your first few runs try to keep them under 30 minutes. From there if you are feeling great add on an extra run, or an extra 10-15 minutes every time!

Foam roll!

Endurance athletes should make the roller their best friends. It will save your knees and hips BIG time. After your runs commit to at least 10 minutes of rub down time.

Bring a friend 

:: My very first (and a favourite) running buddy - my Dad! ::

Chatting your way through a casual jog could be just the thing to get you kick started again! The run will feel 10x better and it is so much healthier than meeting for food all the time. Some of my best talks come from runs with friends. I like to have a few kinds of running buddies - fast friends who will push me, and slowish friends to have fun with and push them. It is nice to have a few to mix up!

Gear up

I like to have a pair of shoes that I only wear for outdoor workouts. If your shoes are more than a year old or have more than 500 miles on them it is probably time to switch them up!

Sign up

I love having a goal to motivate my run workouts. Sign-up for a spring 10k or half marathon to keep you motivated ... even if the snow does come back! It is important to train outside for races because it will help mimic the conditions on race day. A treadmill uses slightly different muscles than road running. The more you train on the road the better prepared you will also be to mentally push yourself on race day! 
I will be running the Sporting Life 10k again this year! My goal is to have fun and run fast!! I would LOVE to break 40 minutes ... lofty goal but I will get there!

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