Resolutions Work

Happy new year! 

We arrived home from our tropical "donkersmoon" yesterday morning at 4 am. It was an amazing week of sun and fun but at the end of the day there's really no place like home. And as much as the honeymoon was wonderful - cheesy but true - everyday feels like that with Matt. 

It seems like it's the popular thing to say these days that we don't believe in new years resolutions. And I agree that the get down on yourself variety aren't productive and are actually a generally destructive practice but I do believe in the good kind.

Every single day we have choices that can alter our lives for ever so why not encourage a fresh start when everyone else is feeling it too?! There's a power in that.  

My 2008 New Years resolution lead me directly to Matt. After a string of not so great relationship choices I made a resolution to only attract men into my life who were truly looking for real love with good intentions. 13 days later my future husband sat down beside me at a bar. Resolutions work!

My resolution this year is to go for it.

I often find it hard to promote myself - I LOVE what I do and Bod Squad brings me so much joy but at the same time I still find it difficult to strike a balance between being pushy and just being enthusiastic. I have a default tendency to be shy about my business - I think it's a pretty common trait among most young female entrepreneurs.  

I've decided to stand up for myself more than ever this year and be BOLD! What's the worst thing that could happen? If I pitch my classes and someone doesn't come?! Well then I'm no worse off in the long run!

On that note - today marks the start of a super exciting Bod Squad leap. I've introduced more packages and doubled my classes. Ekk! If you're in the Toronto area I'd love to see you there

2015 the year of bold requests.