Casa Loma Stairs Run

What an exciting weekend for runners in Toronto!

The Scotiabank Marathon, half and 5k happened just yesterday! I went to cheer on my sister in law Amie who ran her first half in an impressive 2:01! At the finish area I bumped into my superstar running friend Vicky who WON the 5km in 17:17!! YAYA fast friends!! It was just the inspiration I needed to head into to a great week of workouts.

One of my favourite (and least favourite) things to do is run stairs. In the wintertime I like to run the 31 flights of stairs in my condo 4-5x … now that's when I'm feeling really reckless haha!! 

:: My favourite outdoor stairs in Toronto are the ravine stairs at Yonge just south of Davisville -  Bod Squad this summer! ::

My second favourite Toronto steps are at Casa Loma. They are a bit shorter but the view of the city and the castle is pretty spectacular. 

My best time is 28 seconds. I'll run this case 10x in a workout. I love it here because it is very busy with other runners and often I find someone to race up them for a few rounds! 

What to do If Stairs are New!

Running up stairs is SO good for you. It helps with encouraging knee drive and they will absolutely elevate your heart rate and help you on future hill runs! I love to suggest hills or stair training to my clients who are just starting to get involved with running intervals because they are a sure bet way to challenge your body. There are no break buttons on the stairs!

For your first stairs workout make sure you get a good warm-up of at least 5-10 minutes of flat ground running. When you get to the stairs make sure you do some dynamic stretches – for ideas check this out. No matter how long the stairs actually are for the first time try to go for time and not for distance. I like to start with 20 seconds "on" then walk down. See how far you can make it up! If you can get through 8 rounds of 20 second bursts then that is awesome! The next time try to increase to 30 seconds with 8 rounds. Then build up to the full length of the stairs.

Good luck! These are SO much better with a workout buddy! Have a friend meet you at the stairs if you can – even a fluffy friend is a great motivator on these.