The Long Run Workout

Most of my training runs and workout are 30-40 minutes maximum.

For the most part for my body and training goals that has been ideal. In general I have found that maximal effort in less time in general is FAR better for your body than moderate effort over a long period of time. That said it is always good to keep your body guessing. We react to change more than anything. Even crossfit has a 10 mile run WOD!!

Today my challenge is to go the extra distance. Try to run for twice as long as you normally would and see what happens! If you normally go for 20 minutes try 40 today, if you're 45 see what happens with 1 hour and 15 minutes. 

Some long run tips:

  • Running buddies are MADE for the long run, if you can try to grab a friend to chat with along the way!
  • Long runs aren't about making PBs – take it slow and steady
  • Hydration is KEY! Make sure you're taking in a lot of water before, during (if you can) and after! At least 1L for every 30 minutes run
  • Plan your route beforehand – map my run is in my top 10 websites. I use it almost everyday. Great tool for planning routes and knowing exactly what you're in for!
  • Have fun! Listen to music, talk, explore a new hood! You've got the time enjoy it!!