Run #5kaday Round Two Challenge!

It's backkkk!! This week marks another run #5kaday challenge! 

:: You! Go run, I'll stay here and watch! ::

One of the hardest parts of working out is just getting yourself in the door. I know I will be 1000% more likely to actually show up for a workout if I'm going to a class or if I have a specific goal for the day. One of the biggest barriers to a workout is the misconception that you need to be there for an hour to actually have it count for something. So not true! My workouts rarely go over 45 minutes long but not a second is wasted. 

Usually 5 km takes me around 20-25 minutes but this challenge worked really well for me last month because it got me in the door. I did mini circuit workouts after each run and had a solid week of workouts. 

Good luck with the challenge and remember to follow along with me using the hashtag #proof #bodsquadto! Looking forward to crushing this together!