Race Day Recap

The Sporting Life 10k this year was absolutely incredible.

I couldn't have picked a more perfect race day – +10 and sunny. So beautiful!

My sister's boyfriend Eddie and I decided to run the race together, we've run a lot before at the cottage and we are at pretty similar paces. Our reach goal was to run sub 40 but realistically Eddie wanted a PB of under 44 minutes and I wanted to PB under 42:21. 

Eddie picked me up bright and early with a Car2Go (cutest little cars!) and then we headed up to the start line. After a quick stop at Starbucks we were on a quick 10 minute warm-up run followed by some strides. Eddie went off to find a washroom meanwhile I was interviewed by CP24! Pretty cool and they were really nice – apparently it was on TV?! Great!

We piled into our coral and minutes later we were off to the races. 

The trick with this course is the first 5 km you can really FLY. Like seriously it's ALL downhill and the energy is just so awesome it feels like you're floating. I have learned from past runs it is critical to pace yourself on this part of the course. We did great and came through the line at 20:07. GREAT!

Then came a few super small uphills and suddenly I was being coached by this random nice lady. She told me to shorten my stride and keep my arms more relaxed. It was funny that I was the only person I could see that she was doing this too but I appreciated the help and it kind of felt like she was my mom! For those of you know are at Bod Squad if you end up with my mom beside you she will start to train you, it's just what she does and I think it's hilarious!! Thanks coach Cathy!

On went the run and JUST like last year I lost it around the 7 km – 9 km mark. Bah hum bug. I had a slight cramp and decided to let Eddie go ahead. I've learned that this is where I need to improve my training runs. Typically I run around 8 km (or 45 ish casual minutes) so it's no wonder I seem to always lose steam around here, my body is programmed to stop! I had a great skype session yesterday with my friend and runner superstar Sarah Tory and next year she is going to help me design an actual training plan so that I can crush this thing.

Eddie ran in with a time of 41:10 – awesome!! I finished in 42 flat. Happy – yes, satisfied – no. 

If you're listening to this Sporting Life I WISH you did a fall race also, it would be awesome to actually get a full season of summer running in and then try the race! I know what I need to do now for next year and I'm ready to tackle it!!

All in all a fantastic day for an amazing cause and I LOVE that 2.2 million dollars were raised for Camp Ooch.