Hill Run Playlist

I hate hills.

And therefore love them at the same time.

When I want a quick, killer interval workout I look no further then the hill around the corner.

I love running Milkman's Lane hill in Toronto. It's big, it's bad, it's beautiful. My challenge is to do as many repeats as I can under 90 seconds each. I stop when my time goes over 100 seconds. So far this summer I've been able to do seven repeats – my goal is 10.

Note: if you're new to interval running hills are the PERFECT place to start. I like them because they teach you to run strong and even if you slow down the hill never goes away, a guaranteed great workout. 

During normal running I don't listen to music that often but for hills I find a little boost goes a LONG way. Here's what is on my playlist right now:

Hill Playlist

1. Pop Love Mash-up: Robin Skouteris

2. Come With Me Now: Kongos

3. Danza Kuduro: Don Omar

4. Do What You Want With My Body: Lady Gaga ft. R-Kelly

5. Crooked Smile: J Cole

6. Young Girls: Bruno Mars

7. Waka Waka: Shakira

8. Dancing On My Own: Robyn

9. Jump: Madonna

10. If You Kiss Jesus: Robin Skouteris