Run Club at lululemon Workout

lululemon is an incredible company to work with. I LOVE the people I've met there, the workouts I've been exposed to and the amazing opportunities they have afforded me. Love love love. One of the best things I've done with lululemon is all the free workouts, they are taught by some of the best trainer's in the city.

:: Me, Ewan and Laura + Cumberland lululemon run club at Jesse Ketchum ::

Last night, for the first time in months I had a free Monday night. I was so excited to get the chance to attend run club led by my friend and fellow ambassador Laura.

:: Run club last night ::

Yesterday was the perfect day for a Toronto run. Does not get better than that people – 18 degrees and sunny. Perfect. I met my friend coach Ewan who lives a stone's throw away and together we strolled over to join 20+ people for a track workout! I have never seen run club that hopping before – so much fun and a true testament to how great Laura is.

We warmed up with a bunch of agility drills and some heart racing sprints.

Then the track workout came:

Set One: 300m sprint + 20 burpees, 150m sprint, walk 150m

Set Two: 300m sprint + 15 burpees, 150m sprint, walk 150m 

Set Three: 300m sprint + 10 burpees, 150m sprint, walk 150m 

Set Four: 300m sprint + 5 burpees, 150m sprint, walk 150m

Laura's run club is every single week at Cumberland lululemon at 6 pm. Meet at the store, drop your bags off and GO! Honestly, if I'm ever off again I will jump at the chance to get back to these workouts. Thanks for an awesome run last night Laura!!