Monday Runday

I'm not a huge fan of doing the same workout twice. But at the same time I love treadmill running. I don't find it boring because I do speed-work on it, watch tv shows, listen to music and love life for never more than 30 minutes. 

:: Treadmill running rocks! Wearing my Shock Absorber bra ::

On the advice of much faster runners I took some time off the treadmill to focus on building up speed for summer races and to re-learn how to make myself push hard and not just to sit back and coast on a machine. 

When I first started treadmill running years ago I always ran the exact same speed 5.8 mph for 45 minutes. I hated it then and watched every second tick by. Now I never run the same workout inside. Over years of training I'm proud to say that yesterday I built up to this workout:

Run Tempo Workout

0 – 10 minutes at 8.0

10 – 20 minutes at 8.5

20 – 29 minutes at 9.0

29 – 30 minutes at 10.0


If you told me when I first started running that I would run at a 9.0 for ten minutes I would have thought you were joking. My first interval workout I ever did (and probably still my favourite) was 2 minutes at a 9.0, 1 minute at a 3.0 x 5. That two minute interval used to kill me. 

Yesterday I re-learned the value of interval training for running. The workout was a struggle to get to but once I started running I was flying. Love that!

Don't feel like you need to start running full tilt at a 9.0 now or nothing! It will take years to build up this kind of speed and you will get there! Challenge your pace, run a full mile per hour faster today for just 10 minutes in your run and see how that feels. You'll never be better without changing it up! The other awesome thing about a treadmill is if you're going too fast you can press stop – I've never had to do that but it does take time to psychologically get used to moving that quickly on a treadmill but once I relaxed I found I was much faster. 

Happy running!