Spring Hill Sprints

Spring has officially sprung, we are all coming out of a long hibernation!

Yesterday I somehow convinced Matt it would be a good idea to do some hill sprints with me. When he agreed I couldn't believe it! Matt is very fit and plays rugby and hockey but the only time I've seen him run is when he's running for a ball!

Last summer I did hill repeats up "Woodchip", the big hill leading into the Rosedale ravine at South Drive. I haven't done a hill workout there since last August so I was predicting I'd be a little slower. Much to my delight we spanked that hill!! My times were in the low to mid 1:20s, a good 10 seconds faster than last year! Running with Matt really helped, yes I did let him win one …! It's good to revisit your workouts and check-in with your fitness. I'm not crazy about recording every single workout but it's good to know roughly where you stand and every now and then challenge yourself to be better! Yesterday was a hugely motivating workout for the Sporting Life 10k coming up this Sunday! Sub-40 here I come!!