Sporting Life 10k Race Recap

Yesterday was the Sporting Life 10k race for Camp Ooch!

My goal was to break 40 minutes with the thinking that I had run the race in 42 minutes three years ago. On Saturday night I re-checked the past records and realized I'd only run 44:38 last time whew!! 

I'd trained for the run but nothing really more than I typically would do just for life training. I woke up feeling great and ready to go! When I got down to the start it was pretty cold but manageable. To stay warm I did a bit more warm-up stuff than I normally would which was fine but it made it really difficult to get a good starting position since people were standing at the start for 30 minutes prior to the race. When the race started I was having a hard time getting around people which drives me crazy!! If you sign-up to run a race in under 45 minutes you need to be a runner, not a jogger!! There are plenty of other corrals to join in. People where pushing behind me, I was pushing people in front of me who were looking at my like, 'stop pushing!', and I'm looking at them like, 'start running!". Next year I will try to be closer to the front for sure and I also hope that they make a sub 40 minute target group because I think that would help with the crowding at the start. 

The first 5k felt amazing, like I was floating down Yonge street. Then the wall hit like a ton of bricks between the 6 and 8 km markers. I know again for next year I need to do more longer, faster distance runs to keep me fast here. I thought I had sub 40 in a bag and then BAM! on came a huge cramp that I just couldn't shake for 2 km. Finally I started to pick it up again and finished in exactly 42:00! A personal best by 2 minutes and 38 seconds, can't ask for more and overall I'm really happy that I did the run! I can't wait to crush the 40 minute barrier next year! I want to go again right now and try!!

I wish Toronto did another huge 10k at the end of the summer, like September, down Yonge street. It would be great to have raced after a season of strong running. I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat I am where I just got back into running after the winter about a month ago, it would be great to see what improvement we could make over a summer of running. Maybe I'll just make my own 10k!!

Who's with me?!

The best part of the race was knowing that over 2 million dollars were raise for Camp Ooch, a summer camp for kids with cancer. If you're thinking about running this race next year I highly recommend it! It's a true athletic event highlight for Toronto, the feeling of looking down Yonge street and seeing 27,000 people running with you is pretty amazing! 

p.s. The reason why I don't have a finish photo is because I blondely gave Matt the wrong finish line area!! Again, more reason to run next year!