Back to Track

It's been years since I've done a series of track workout sessions and I miss them!

Track used to seriously stress me out because honestly I was never that great at it. I love running and it's nice now to just relax and have fun with it! About a month ago I started doing track workouts again and they have been so much fun. Yesterday I met with my seriously fast awesome friend Ewan a.k.a. "coach" for a track workout! Ewan and I did 8 x 400m taking turns as each other's rest. He ran one lap while I timed/cheered, then I ran one lap as fast as I could.

Ewan taught me this trick to keep track of our times. We wrote the back half of our time in the gravel on the track. My times were all in the 70s (one minute and 10 second range … for those non-trackies!!) and Ewan ran his all in the 60s, so fast! On a wet, puddle covered track we were really happy with our times and I can already see some progress in just five track workouts! So exciting!! 

Riverdale park in Toronto is the perfect place for a fun track workout. Grab a buddy and try this workout out. It's a lot of fun and catch me if you can!