The 10 Miler

Yesterday I went on my first, and likely last, 10-mile run of 2013.

My long time running buddy Sarah is in town for the holidays and she leaves to go back to New York City on Friday. We've decided to make the most of each other's company while we are both here in Toronto.

:: Sarah and I running in Central Park this fall ::

I called Sarah after my morning clients to see what she was up to – naturally she was just finishing up an essay. Sarah is a woman of many talents, besides running is she is a seriously amazing writer. I'll try to get her to write something here for us sometime, her words are so thoughtful and intelligent. Just being around Sarah increases my vocabulary. For example, yesterday's word of the day: sycophantic.

I arrived at Sarah's house (aka my home away from home) ready and nervous, somehow I convinced myself ten miles with Sarah would be fun and easy. We started our run off causally then, Sarah took it upon herself to up the pace a little, running just a shoulder in front of me. After a few miles of feeling like I was anchoring Sarah I unleashed the beast and let her do a few sprints in front of me to let some of that need for speed out of her. To be fair to me – Sarah is thinking of running the NYC Marathon in November and needs a ridiculously fast qualifying time (3:10), meanwhile I'm just trying to look good naked and keep my day job.

The run continued but with about 500m to go I came to a sudden halt. No more, I was walking and I would not have started running again for all the tea in China! Sarah took pity on me and decided 10.2 miles was plenty, so nice of her! It used to bug me that Sarah was always so much faster than I was but then I came to terms with reality: let's face it, she's practically a descendant of the Kenyan race (ok, not actually but among Caucasian people she is the most Kenyan-like) her body fat ultra lean is maayyybee 12% on a chubby day and her 5'7 long and lean frame is perfect for running. Meanwhile my 5'3 and 3/4 legs flutter as quick as they can to keep up with Sarah's stride. After years of being disappointed that I couldn't keep up I'm now completely ok with being Sarah's ‘fat’ friend. She pushes me and makes me do things that I would NEVER ever do on my own. That’s the sign of a great running buddy relationship!

After 1 hour and 25 minutes we were finally home, clocking an 8-minute mile pace (for reference, that's a 7.5 mph on a treadmill for 85 longgg minutes). On the slower for Sarah, but more than fine by yours truly!

There is nothing like running/working out in a group that pushes you! I'm so lucky to have a friend like Sarah, without her there would be no way I would have gone out for a casual 10 mile trot yesterday. I'm also so lucky to have Bod Squad, because without them I would never race up and down the stairs, do 50 push-ups and then do that all over again 5x! Workout buddies and groups are the best! But even better – find one that challenges you. It's true what they say: if it doesn't challenge you it won't change you.