Love to Bump it Up Workout

Winter = treadmills, which can often = boring.

The trick with treadmills is to keep it exciting. Try something new each time and push your speed up!

When I first started going to the gym I would run for 60 minutes at a 5.8 for the entire time. Boooringggg, it was awful. I actually look forward to my treadmill workouts now because I use them for speed training. It's a great way to challenge yourself in a controlled setting. The worst thing that can happen is you hop off!

For this workout start at your usual 30 – 40 minute pace and then try adding on .3 or .5 mph every five minutes. Go for as long as you can increasing your speed. You will surprise yourself at how fast you can actually go! This workout was intense and quick! I was in and out in less than 35 minutes.

Here are my times for the, "Bump It Up Workout":

Dynamic warm-up then,

Time (minutes)                    Speed (mph)

0 – 5                                       7.0

5 – 10                                     7.5

10 – 15                                   8.0

15 – 20                                  8.5

20 – 25                                 9.0

25 – 30                                 9.5

Catch me if you can!