Eccentric Hill Training

Last night was my first Lululemon run club – I had SO much fun!!

:: Look how cute & colourful we are!! ::

Run club for the next month is designed around training for the Sporting Life 10k coming up on May 12th. My ambitious goal is to try to run a sub 40 minute time -yikes!! Two years ago I ran it in about 42 minutes and change so I'm hoping that with the help of this run club and a few more years of wisdom under my belt I'll be able to knock a few minutes off that time.

If you have ever run Sporting Life before you probably love it on race day because 98% of the run is downhill. The day after though LOOK OUT, your legs will be burning more than ever! That's because running downhill forces the muscles in your legs to eccentrically contract (they tense at a lengthened part of your stride). We don't normally train to run fast downhill hence the super sore feeling the next day! Last night we did downhill repeats of poplar plains hill, it was fun and very fast!

Tips to Running Downhill FAST!

  • Let your hips relax – most of the time we instinctively break going downhill and let our knees and hips lock to slow us down, try to keep your joints as soft as possible and focus on fast turnover of your feet
  • Keep a tall posture – don't slump forward or lean too far back
  • Watch that you're not jamming your heels into the hill or running too much on your toes, a nice even foot placement is ideal for downhill running

Training for this 10k has been really motivating for me to get outside and run again. Last night it was so much fun to run with the brightly coloured lemons (what lululemon people call themselves). It's been a lonngggg winter of treadmill training and as much as I enjoy the odd treadmill trot it will be really nice to get outside for longer runs and smell the roses again! 

Run club runs every Monday night at 6 pm out of Cumberland lululemon – it's a BLAST and I'm going to try to be there as much as possible! Hope to see you on a run soon!!