Trail Running Tips

I LOVE trail running!

I think trail running is just the best way to get the miles in! I love getting lost in the trails. The feeling of bounding over the roots and small hills really is what I think of when I think of the runner's high. It honestly feels like I'm flying!

Last weekend my sister Lindsay and I went on a beach/trail run at our cottage in Grand Bend.

There are three keys that I like to focus on whenever I'm running on a trail:

1. Let go! Really try to stay relaxed through your hips, especially on downhill parts of a trail. Try not to lock your knees or stride and just let yourself naturally adjust your stride.

2. Look ahead! It's tempting to look at your feet to avoid every single little root or rock but the best thing to do is look about 10 ft forward. You'll get a better overall perspective and you're less likely to trip!

3. Good grip. Good running shoes are essential on trails. If you run them regularly enough I would look into buying specific trail shoes but really your runners just need to be supportive and your feet shouldn't give you any pain after a run.