Tempo Tantrum

Sometimes running for 40+ minutes just really makes me crazy!

Lately I'm loving the 20 minute tempo run. I've been busy exploring new business ventures – very exciting!! Once the details are more finalized I'll be sharing them with you soon!

Working and training late doesn't leave much time for my own workout so when I want a quick and effective metabolic workout I often do a tempo run!

My running buddy Sarah and I have done this 4.2 km tempo – 6 km total loop twice now this summer.

The warm-up is 10 minutes to the start and the finish is 5 minutes away from Sarah's house for an obligatory cappuccino post run treat.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling the outdoor run, I didn't have much time to spare so I decided to head down to the building gym and hop on a treadmill there to see if I could beat our previous run distance.

20 Minute Tempo Run

0 – 5

7.5 mph

5 – 10

9.0 mph

10 – 15

9.2 mph

15 – 20

9.5 mph

I did! I ran 4.7 km in 20 minutes. This probably evens out because I didn't have any hills to run over so I'm happy with calling it the same!

Tempos are a great way to get in a workout and not spend hours at the gym. The key though is they need to be INTENSE. A tempo isn't a fast jog, it's a near sprint. It's really tough to get used to tempo because they are so physically hard. My rule of thumb is you should want to quit after 8 minutes!

Most often I start my clients out on a 10 minute tempo and then we work up to 20. Unless you're training for a long race 20 minutes is probably the longest tempo you'll need! Whew!

Have you guys tried runs like this?

Do you know any good treadmill workouts similar to mine?