Back on Track

lacing up.jpg

Yesterday I decided to look back through my exercise journals from ten years ago when I was running with U of T development track. Part of my OCD as a trainer and fitness freak is I love to record workouts – my own and all of my clients' – I love seeing progress and there is no better way to do that then track it!

The Workout:

8 x 600m

My times from ten years ago were all 2:05s and under – so naturally my goal was to smash that!

I went back to Winston Churchill where we did the workout and timed it – YIKES! I was quick!! I managed to run them all in about 1:50s which I was really happy with and it was fun comparing back to my times from years ago!

Keeping an exercise log is a great way to keep your workouts focused and fresh. I don't leave the house without a log book and after yesterday's workout I'm glad I keep them! Only once I start getting worse will it be time to throw them out!!

Bottom Line: I highly recommend you start tracking your workouts, even just to notice consistency. It is a great way to keep motivated, plan your workouts accordingly and stay on track! Happy training everyone!