A Secret in this City

Toronto has some of the best city trails in the world and it amazes me how nobody knows about them! I think our ravine network is a best kept secret!

{Sarah Tory, me, Vicky on the Lower Don Trails }

Whenever I can I like to run the trails with friends. I was lucky enough to have some time last week to catch up with two great friends and running buddies Sarah and Vicky. We went to the Lower Don trails (starts at Bayview and Pottery Road). These two are FAST!

I was really excited for this run because last week I was sent these trail running shoes from Montrail to test out after I talked about my love of trail running in this post. I received a size 6.5 and a 7 because they weren't sure which would fit better. I've never worn specific trail running shoes before so I was excited to see if special shoes made any difference.

I was especially curious too because about a month ago I was teaching a Bod Squad and while demonstrating a challenging jump-twist combo move I landed on my knee and it made a loud CRUNCH sound. Ever since my knees have felt really fragile on trails (and dancing!).

I now can't believe I've gone this long without trail shoes.The shoes were SO good! Holy grip! I felt like my feet were attached to the trails. My knee felt so stable which really reduced my knee pain.

I will be rocking these bright red runners on the trails from now on!

Nice city view eh?