Tempo Run Workout

After celebrating Easter I'm feeling a bit like this bunny – I've got one too many eggs left nesting in my stomach so it's time for an intense tempo run today!

A tempo run is meant to mimic a race pace run. It's short, usually 15-25 minutes, but it's super intense!

If you’re training for a race, tempos like this one are helpful because they help train your body to know what it’s like to run a “negative-spit”, or a progressively faster pace.

I also really don’t like boring treadmill runs, this is a way to cut the monotony and add a challenge. Even though interval running is a mainstay of my weekly regimen I still include the odd tempo run to spice things up a bit and keep my body guessing what’s next!

Here is one of my favourite treadmill tempo workouts:

I’m putting my speeds here but please adjust this to you! Beginners will likely start around a 4.0, intermediate runners probably around a 5.0 and more advanced people can go up from my speed! Catch me if you can!

I warm-up for 5 minutes at a 6.5 mph

Then run:

5-10 minutes: 7.0 mph

10-15: 7.5 mph

15-20: 8.0 mph

20-25: 8.5 mph

25-30: 9.0 mph

If you’re doing this for the first time try to raise your increments only by .3 mph and go from there!

Hoppy running!