Short and Speedy Interval Run

One of the biggest running myths I've heard is that in order for a run to be effective it needs to be loooonngggg. Erg, just the thought of a long run somedays just doesn't feel exciting. Even I, a person who fundamentally likes running, just don't want to ploding along for 40+ minutes. In kinesiology and as a trainer I've learned you really don't have to run long, you just have to run hard!

The truth is the quality of your run, not the quantity is what really counts.

The reason why intervals are so effective is because they essentially shock your body, you burn more calories during your workout and after it.

Interval running is great quality and quick exercise! My favourite type of interval running is on a treadmill, I like the exact science aspect; plugging in a number and knowing that all I have to do is move forward and stay on!

Short & Speedy Interval Workout

I've used my times here for examples. To make this work for you try starting 2 mph more than you would normally jog at for 30 minutes. See how you're feeling and take it up or down from there – you want to feel somewhere between a 18-20 on an exertion scale (1 being really easy and 20 being you need to stop). You should not be able to talk during the interval.

5 minutes warm-up jog (7 mph)

30 seconds sprint (14 mph)
30 seconds off (walking if outside, standing off the treadmill inside)
x 15

This might look easy at first glance, that's what I thought too … then I had to stop after interval #7 my first time. 

Give it a go! Please let me know how you did. I love hearing from you!