Hill Happiness

{Me in Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada}

Hill training is a great way to amp up the intensity in your cardio workouts!

Think of the hill as your built-in trainer, the hill will push you whether you like it or not!

A classic hill workout calls for you to run up hill as fast as possible and jog or walk downhill. This workout re-works that old habit. It's important to learn how to run fast downhill too. Running downhill builds up your eccentric leg strength. Without getting too sciencey on you here, there are three types of muscle contracts: concentric (muscle contracted at it's shortest), eccentric (muscle at it's longest point when contracted) and isometric (muscle at neutral contraction). It's important to train all three contraction types but eccentric contractions are known to produce big time post workout muscle soreness. After a downhill workout your legs will be more sore than if you were going up hill!
Running fast downhill also helps improve leg turnover, bottom line: it will help make you a faster runner! And faster running = way more fun.

The keys to running well downhill

Let your hips be free.
Don't lock your stance.
Let your leg turnover happen quickly which will help you more with speed on the flat surface.

Find a hill that takes you more than 45 seconds to run up to the top and then try this workout:

Up + Down Hill Workout

Warm-up for 10 minutes

Dynamic Stretches

2 minutes sprinting up and downhill

1 minute jog up and downhill

x Five – Eight

Happy Hills! Let me know how this workout goes!