Honeymoon Highlights

We F I N A L L Y made it to our honeymoon!

This trip was at least three years in the making. Just going there alone felt like we were making a giant check mark on life!

When we first started thinking about a trip overseas my business was at a point that I just couldn't take time off, then I broke my foot which at the time was terrible but like many things in life in retrospect it taught me a lot about patience, injury recovery and really respecting a healthy body. I guess what they say is true ... the best things in life really are worth waiting for!

:: Our super detailed trip guide + packing light ::

The Top Three (+1)

1. Pai, Northern Thailand

:: Arriving in Pai + the "after" picture of our Muay Thai experience! ::

We LOVED Pai. We had super low expectations, we were told initially it was a druggie haven and exactly like Chang Mai. Not true! This tiny town had so much heart. We took a Muay Thai class at Charnchai Gym which was so much fun. The two hour workout began with a 45 minute UPHILL run to buddha temple. Then we came back for 75 minutes of boxing, kicking and punching. Here's the thing, I'm just not that aggressive. I don't like the idea of hitting people and I don't like the idea of people hitting me. Even if it is just punching bags I'd rather just do a burpee and call it a day. BUT it was a great workout - I've never seen Matt sweat that much in his life! And I will say though that the bodies on some of the people in the camp were INSANE. Six packs galore! Lots of travellers came to Pai and end up falling in love with this gym so they say for months on end. Certainly does the body good! And crazy that it is all bodyweight training. Very cool.

Pai also had GREAT food. We loved this place called Big's Little Cafe. Big is a great guy and an even better cook. Very cool simple set up that easily had you mingling with other travellers. His breakfast is what dreams are made of.

:: Scooter pro + Pai Canyon ::

We rented scooters in Pai and explored the waterfalls and canyons. I LOVED the scooters. You don't need a license - just rent and go. I luckily had a quick learning curve however I didn't realize that the rentals did not include gas! 45 minutes into our joy ride I ran out of gas in the middle of the Thai countryside. Luckily two friendly Thai ladies helped us out! 

If you're going to Thailand - Pai is a MUST go.

1 + We went to Thai Secret Garden Organic Cooking school just north of Chang Mai and it was a HUGE highlight for us. I love cooking and Matt and I both love thai food - we had to do a cooking class! Friends of ours Justine and Eric recommended May to us and she was amazing! We went shopping at a local thai market, then picked extra ingredients straight from her garden. Then we made TONS of food - Pad Thai, spring rolls, green curry, red curry, coconut milk, curry pastes, mango sticky rice, fried bananas, it was all SO good! And to top it off we went home with personalized cookbooks - May took photos throughout the class and printed us off our own recipe guides to take home! I can't wait to be treated to some homemade pad thai soon!

2. Bagan, Myanmar

My grandpa fought in WWII in Burma. Now Myanmar, has always interested me because of that and it also just felt so raw and authentic - undiscovered. We thought it would be a nice change from Thailand. Overall we were WOWED by the beauty of this country. The people were super friendly, and you never felt like they were trying to poach you. The kids all waved to us and yelled "HELLO" it was super cute. The Bagan temples were absolutely breath taking. It was incredible to walk amongst 1000s of temples basically all by ourselves. I am glad that we got to see Myanmar now before it gets too crowed. Also the prices were so cheap - Matt my budget loving man main was just tickled pink! Dinner usually cost less than $3 per person. Lunch was around $1. It was great!

3. Ko Lanta, Thailand Islands

:: Handstands + fire skies ::

Just before we arrived in the Thai islands we contracted a bacterial infection. We have no idea what caused it but I'm guessing it was from the burmese bbq we ate on our last night in Myanmar. We tried to tough it out for about three days but eventually decided to make use of our traveller's insurance and get on some antibiotics. Of all the places we could have been sick on the trip ko lanta was the perfect place! We had great care and I started to recover right away. Matt was worse than I was initially so he was a little slower but we made it through! We stayed at Lanta Castaway resort on the long beach - BEST location on the island - a 3 km stretch of beautiful white sand and a gorgeous sunset view. This was our longest stop on the trip - four nights total. By our last day I was feeling healthy enough to run the beach - a perfect way to end the trip!

Overall this was a trip of a lifetime. It was great spending time travelling with Matt. He's a great map reader, deal negotiator, friend maker, go with the flow-er and a fun friend. We had a blast together and I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

Next on our travel list is probably Africa. We'd love to climb Kilimanjaro! I think we will wait a summer and see where life takes us. We decided on this past trip two - three weeks is probably ideal and we LOVE active holidays. Beaches are beautiful and awesome but we would rather explore vs sit. 

It is SO great to be back at Bod Squad and teaching again. I missed everyone BIG time and I can't wait to kick off the fall season starting next week! If you would like to get in there's still space here! Hope to see you at a class soon!

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