Lessons Learned

After six weeks, one postponed honeymoon, countless piggybacks, five x-rays and two ice packs I am finally back on both feet. This has certainly been the longest period of time I've gone without a workout, a walk, a pain free night. I'm SO glad to finally be a on the fast track to full recovery now. 

I like to think that everything in life happens for a reason. If I look back on one thing this whole experience has taught me it's that I have the best support system ever. Two special mentions in particular, first my Dad who completely covered my Bod Squad classes for me while I was gone and did an outstanding job! He's a gifted leader and I hope he will continue to train and lead classes! Matt has been my rock, my left-hand man, my coach, my chef, driver, my love – thank you.

As far as physically what I've learned is that the human body really is a remarkable thing. I would say I have a lot more respect for what my body once did and will soon do again. I never took movement for granted but I absolutely never will now!

Before my injury I would workout at least once a day, sometimes twice and I would get super antsy if I didn't get my fix in! I do miss it a lot but I know that when I'm able to workout again I won't have the same OCD compulsiveness about missing a workout. I used to fear that I would completely blow up if I missed a week of running, a week in the gym. Now I know that really in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter if you miss a day here and there – being good to your body is more important than beating it up just for the sake of hitting a weekly total.

When I first heard the saying, "workout because you love your body, not because you hate it." it didn't really resonate with me. Now it rings loud and clear. I don't miss working out because I want to have a reason to eat cheese later, I miss working out because of the good it does for my body and I miss how I feel after a great sweat session.

Thank you to everyone who dedicated a workout to me, your support and strength meant everything and I know it is a big part of the reason why I'm walking two weeks earlier than forecasted! Woo hoo!