Broken Cupid Bone

Well it is now officially official.

:: Side view of the foot – Cuboid Bone ::

I'm in trouble.

I woke up yesterday morning in a CRAZY amount of pain. All over my foot and shooting up my leg. I looked down and the entire bottom and side of my ankle was completely black. Even though I had my leg in the boot and elevated all night it still hurt more than ever before. 

I was told at my initial hospital visit that it was very difficult to spot broken bones in the feet right away because they are so small and there is usually a lot of swelling. I left the hospital with a sprain diagnosis but I knew that something was probably up last night.

It was time to go for a second opinion on my sprain. Luckily, a friend and fellow Bod Squader Emily gave me her doctor mom's contact info. Somehow I was able to reach her right away – so grateful. I went in 10 minutes later and got my foot re-examined. Right away she knew it was a "clinical fracture" and I needed x-rays to make sure that I didn't need surgery. Yikes but ok now I know the whole truth. I completely appreciated her frankness about the whole thing. It was refreshing to know exactly what I was dealing with. Over the past four days my foot has certainly has not improved and if I'm totally honest it's gotten way worse. I was sent off for x-rays round two.

The guy who took my x-rays was a temp, and unfortunately not a very good one if you ask me. When I was on the  x-ray table he went to pick my foot up and twist it to get a better shot at the fracture. I LOST it. Badly. Poor fellow. I basically said, "STOP THAT! My foot is FREAKING fractured. It's kind of seriously important that it gets better right away because my whole life depends on my mobility. If you make it worse by twisting me around I will not forgive you, so just tell me where to put my freaking foot and I'll put it there. Don't touch me. EVER!" I felt bad but honestly me without a workout in 6 days + the pain = I'm going to tell it like it is and then some. He complied. Roar.

I knew I would have the results later in the afternoon. The doctor called at 2:33 pm. I have a complete hairline fracture of my cuboid bone. The bone that connects your foot to your ankle. Apparently I'm her first ever cuboid bone fracture from trauma – woo hoo!! It looks non-displaced (aka no surgery) but they will need to do more x-rays to understand exactly what is going on. My recovery time for the fracture will be 8 weeks minimum. For the ligaments I'm looking at closer to 20 weeks. Well, let's be real – this happened on Sunday so 7.25 for the fracture, 19.25 for the ligaments then /2 because I'm a superwoman. Or at least I was one.


We have been planning our honeymoon to Thailand for the past year. We were to leave in 3.5 weeks. I feel absolutely terrible. Hence why I've nicknamed my broken cuboid bone as my broken cupid. I honestly could care less about limping down the aisle, but the honeymoon I really care about. I'm going to do absolutely EVERYTHING I possibly can to be healed by then. I'm resting right now but as soon as I feel like it's safe and the doctors tell me rehab is ON 1000%. This injury so far has not only impacted my work life – which believe me, after every single class this week I've cried more than once (and I'm not a crier) - I can't stand to deliver less than my best … at anything, especially Bod Squad because I pour my heart and soul into that. But now my honeymoon is seriously up in the air. This is getting personal. ROAR. ROAR.

I'm trying desperately to see the silver lining in all of this. Honestly, at the moment it seems pretty freaking thin. I'm going to allow myself to have self-pity for exactly .5 more seconds and then I will get over it.

All that I know right now is that as soon as it's go time, as soon as I'm healthy again I'm going to be better than ever. Seriously. This foot fracture will not stop me. In fact, it will bind me stronger than ever and then I will re-build me.

For all of you out there who are reading this right now and are injury free please dedicate a workout to me. If you're at all on the fence over the weekend about whether or not to workout please go for me. I can't tell you how much I already miss it and value exercise. Then tell me about it, nothing makes me happier! 

Also if you have any suggestions about how to heal faster I'm all ears, eyes and metatarsals. Please let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful weekend and believe me I'll me at home RICE -ing my bum off an taking every single supplement I can to make this bone better. Plus this is last weekend of my Pilates training – wooo hooo! Take care everyone and move for me!